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Burb's Eye View: Catching the Youth Art Expo's opening

April 15, 2014|By Bryan Mahoney

Across the high-ceilinged gallery, three-dimensional works are given space to breathe. Sculptor Owen Southey is sampling the gallery opening’s hors d’ouevres of pretzels and cookies as his fans ready their cameras for this rare glimpse with the artist and his work.

He stands with his interpretation of a certain cat in a certain hat, which began as a pile of turtles a la “Yertle the Turtle” until it proved too difficult to properly shape.

Like many of his fellow artists, Owen was surprised to make the competitive show’s final cut.

“It was so cool. I told my parents that I got this thing that invites me here to where I am,” he said.


Thinking the interview is over, I head toward another gallery wall.

“Are you wondering what materials I made it with?” Owen interjects.

“Yes, yes I am,” I reply.

“It was Sculpey (clay), wire and Sharpie pens. It took me a half hour to do.”

Thank you.

A little farther away in the gallery, a windswept raven-haired woman is depicted beaming to the world. It is the work of Emily Davoodian, who prefers drawing people over drawing animals.

She leads her subject by the hand around the corner and arrives at her collage. Above it in a typed ribbon are the words, “Emily’s Beautiful Mom.”

“Oh my — that’s so pretty,” the woman exclaims, covering her smile with her hand.


BRYAN MAHONEY is a recent transplant from the East Coast. He can be reached at and on Twitter: @818NewGuy.

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