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August 21, 2002
Ryan Carter Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport officials hope for a quick completion of the installation of five miles of security fencing to help buffer the airport from a terrorist attack. The perimeter "hardening" includes combinations of razor wire, concrete barriers and "W-railing," similar to the metal railing along freeway embankments. The barriers are being installed around the entire property. Airport Public Safety Director Mike Post said the measures are inevitably linked to the Sept.
September 11, 2002
Sept. 11, 2001, began like many other days for me. I rolled out of bed and was getting ready for work when the phone rang. "Are you watching the TV, Chief?" My mind went through its standard repertoire, concerned about what it could be this time. Were we in pursuit? Did an officer get hurt? Did we have to use deadly force? Nothing, however, had prepared me for what I was about to experience. I discovered that the world had changed. We all came together that day. The entire city team united to ensure the safety of the citizens.
January 22, 2000
MAGNOLIA PARK 700 block of Pass Avenue: A 46-year-old North Hollywood man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of possessing a concealed weapon. A 51-year-old North Hollywood man called police at 4:48 p.m. and said the man was threatening him and had a gun in his car. When officers arrived, the 46-year-old man was driving away. After he was pulled over, police said they found a loaded .38-caliber handgun in his car. 1505 W. Olive Ave: A 30-year-old Van Nuys man was arrested Jan. 14 on suspicion of drunken driving.
January 27, 2001
Jenna Bordelon BURBANK -- A former Burbank city employee was slapped in handcuffs by Los Angeles Police Department officers and escorted off a jet grounded at Los Angeles International Airport after he allegedly acted "bizarre" during a plane trip. Charles Ross Burke, 54, who worked as a civil engineer for Burbank Water & Power from January 1988 to August 1997, was escorted by a phalanx of officers from a Northwest Airlines flight Jan. 17 after he allegedly displayed erratic behavior that climaxed when he tried to light himself on fire, LAPD Lt. Bill Hart said.
July 27, 2005
Tania Chatila A runway at Bob Hope Airport was shut down for more than two hours Sunday and an aircraft evacuated after airport officials received word of a bomb threat on a Southwest Airlines. Southwest Flight 117 heading toward Phoenix departed from Burbank at 4:40 p.m. only to be brought back an hour later, said Victor Gill, director of public affairs and communications for the Bob Hope Airport. Southwest Airlines received an anonymous call shortly after the flight's departure that there was a bomb on the plane, Gill said, and relayed the message to officials at the Burbank Airport.
By Jonathan Forchtzwajg and Chris Wiebe | August 12, 2006
BOB HOPE AIRPORT รข?” Flights were delayed here Thursday as a result of tightened security following an alleged terrorist threat in England that threw air traffic into turmoil worldwide. British police arrested at least 24 people Wednesday night who allegedly planned to smuggle liquids that could be mixed to form explosives aboard about 10 planes headed for the United States, officials said. British officials believe suicide bombers planned to mix the explosive liquids over the Atlantic Ocean in a plot on the scale of the Sept.
By Jeremy Oberstein | November 21, 2007
AIRPORT DISTRICT — As Thanksgiving approaches, Bob Hope Airport is already feeling the rush of holiday travel. As people move to get a head start on travel plans, the rush is in full force by Tuesday and draws down by Sunday, airport spokesman Victor Gill said. “Year in and year out, Thanksgiving is extremely busy,” he said. “Last year, we had in excess of 20,000 people arriving and departing [in that time frame]. The airlines will be selling pretty good shares of their inventory; most should be sold out.” That is the case with Southwest Airlines, Bob Hope’s most popular airline, spokeswoman Ashley Rodgers said.
March 6, 2004
Bob Hope Airport police broke up a fight between an estranged wife and her husband's alleged girlfriend, authorities said. The wife, a 59-year-old Van Nuys woman, entered an airport terminal about noon Thursday with a ticket and took pictures of the alleged girlfriend -- a 44-year-old Tujunga woman -- getting off a plane with the woman's husband, said Burbank Police Sgt. Brian Matthews, who added that the wife was taking...
By Chris Wiebe | August 2, 2006
BOB HOPE AIRPORT — The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority approved a five-year deal with the Airport Police Officers Assn. on Monday that includes a 13.5% raise effective Feb. 1, and a 4% salary increase each subsequent year. The association had originally sought a 25% to 35% pay boost, arguing that the salaries of Burbank's airport police were not in line with those of other airport police departments, said Dieter Dammeier, an attorney who represents the 17 officers and five sergeants.
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