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By Christopher Cadelago | December 22, 2009
BURBANK — One year after playing host to the regional homeless winter shelter in what was a problematic stint, Burbank pledged $20,000 to help cover the cost of busing its homeless population to the Glendale shelter every day. Operator EIMAGO, a subsidiary of the Union Rescue Mission in Los Angeles, cited a $31,000 funding gap for the shelter at the Glendale National Guard Armory in the 200 block of East Colorado Street. The armory is one of 14 other winter shelters in Los Angeles County.
December 1, 2007
ON THE AGENDA The following items will be discussed at Tuesday?s Burbank City Council meeting: ? The council will consider using the National Guard Armory on Valhalla Drive as a temporary shelter for homeless people displaced by construction at Glendale?s armory, which typically houses much of the area?s homeless population during the winter months. The Burbank center is close to a school and park, which has some concerned about the safety for those at Providencia Elementary School and Pacific Park should homeless individuals be housed at the armory.
November 1, 2008
Burbank has come through for people in need for the second year in a row and offered to provide a shelter for the area’s homeless population during the winter months. The city opened its National Guard Armory last year when construction at Glendale’s armory made it impossible to house tenants. And even with an altered set of circumstances this time, Burbank will again provide a warm place for transients to sleep this winter. The decision last year was a stopgap measure to accommodate more than 8,600 people who needed shelter between December and March.
By Jason Wells and The Leader | March 25, 2009
CITY HALL — The search is on for a new winter homeless shelter site after a state official Wednesday said the National Guard Armory in Burbank, which has hosted the program for the past two years, would be unavailable for at least a year. The Glendale Armory on Colorado Street has been offered up to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, which administers the emergency winter shelter program, as an alternative site, Sgt. Major Lawrence Ellsworth said. The confirmation came on the same day that homeless service providers met with Glendale and Burbank city officials to discuss the most recent winter shelter program, which has taken some political heat after a group of Burbank residents complained about its effect on the neighborhood.
By Jeremy Oberstein | November 28, 2007
BURBANK — If an armory intended to shelter the homeless is not approved for that purpose at next week’s City Council meeting, Los Angeles County officials said they will not stand in Burbank’s way, despite the fact that the state is mandated to make armories available when such facilities are needed. County and local officials met Tuesday to discuss using the Burbank National Guard Armory for a temporary winter shelter to house the area’s homeless population, in the wake of news that Glendale’s armory must close for repairs.
By Tom Risen | February 1, 2009
BURBANK — The Union Rescue Mission that runs the winter homeless shelter at the Burbank Armory plans to appeal to city and state officials soon for increased shelter aid, expecting a Depression-scale increase in homelessness. “We’ve been speaking out to public officials, but I don’t think anybody is quite ready to see the gravity of this,” said Andy Bales, chief executive of the Union Rescue Mission, which runs a number of shelters in the Greater Los Angeles area.
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