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Art Review

By Melonie Magruder | March 10, 2010
Burbank’s Creative Arts Center Gallery is hosting its annual Fine Arts Federation Membership Exhibit, the “Fiesta of Art,” and the 60 artists represented are showing such a mixed bag of media that there is sure to be something for everyone. Incorporated in 1976, the federation has long been a supporter of the Creative Arts Center and the exhibit, designed to showcase the members’ eclectic talents, runs the gamut from oil painting to watercolor to sculpture to ceramics to artisan jewelry.
By Terri Martin | May 19, 2010
The art of Francisco Goya is not something to love or hate. It is something to decipher. The Forest Lawn Museum in Glendale presents ?The Caprichos Etchings and Aquatints (1799),? 80 of the artist?s cutting edge copper plate prints, in a rational, eye-level format, to soften the impact of the emotive and chaotic imagery. The walls of the gallery are lined with etchings along with three centralized pillars containing significant works. This suite of prints is encrypted with moralistic, allegorical, satirical and political messaging that is delivered in a style that prefigures photojournalism.
By Terri Martin | May 12, 2010
The exhibition ?Music and Muses? is very personal for artist Christina Ramos. Her inspirations are family, Bible, music and natives from New Guinea, which she renders in a photo-realistic style, mastering the acrylic paint medium. Burbank?s Creative Arts Center Gallery parses the prolific body of artwork, 64 pieces, all produced by the artist within the past six months, into thematic sections allowing for adequate space and distance for viewing. Images of Ramos and her family are threaded throughout the exhibition.
By Terri Martin | May 5, 2010
Towns Burr Gallery has a new exhibition that is an overall complementary variety of artistic efforts by five women who wish to share their work as an alternative to traditional gifts for Mother’s Day. The intimate Burbank storefront gallery is energized by the eclectic combination of media including watercolors by Connie Towns-Burr; alabaster sculptures by Robin M. Cohen; jewelry by Suzanne Ehrmann; formed glass by Jackie Steimke; and...
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