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By JUNE CASAGRANDE | October 14, 2009
Ask your local neighborhood smarty pants a question about English grammar or usage ? any question at all ? and chances are she?ll give you an answer. Ask any gathering of two or more smarty pantses the same question and chances are they?ll give you conflicting answers, then spend hours arguing about whose is right. But ask a copy editor ? a person who?s paid to know such things ? the very same question and, nine times out of 10, he?ll do something surprising: He?ll reach for a book.
By Lyda Truick | October 10, 2009
As a librarian, parent or teacher, it is often difficult to find interesting books for those ?reluctant readers? who crop up between fourth through eighth grades. The book cannot be too long, and it cannot have a lot of scene description or lengthy narrative. To keep the reader engaged, a book has to be short and sweet. Dan Frischman of Burbank has managed to address this niche with his debut children?s book, ?Jackson & Jenks, Master Magicians.? This is a story of two boys, Darren Jackson and Jamie Jenks, who are looking for the quickest way up the millionaire ladder.
By Max Zimbert | October 7, 2009
BURBANK ? Standing in front of a classroom of third-graders, Burbank Unified Supt. Kevin Jolly asked how many children wanted to ride in a limousine. The room lit up. He asked how many children like reading. The room grew brighter. And before exiting, he asked how many students would read a book even without a limo ride and lunch at Warner Bros. By their reactions, the students must have been hungry. The Burbank Unified School District is engaged in a reading competition that rewards students with a voracious appetite for books.
By Jeff Tully | April 8, 2009
BURBANK — Anyone familiar with the success of the Bellarmine-Jefferson High girls’ basketball team this past season is probably not surprised that the Guards are well-represented with their share of postseason accolades. Not surprising, the team that won a CIF Southern Section championship and a state title has four players who have made the list, including senior Shelley Gupilan, who was named the Division V-A Player of the Year. However, another All-CIF honor came as a surprise — at least to the player’s coach.
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