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April 17, 2002
Maya Kukes BURBANK -- "Night of the Stars," a fund-raiser for Bret Harte Elementary School will be Saturday night at the Sportsmen's Lodge. The event will be poolside, and will feature a Mexican dinner, as well as dancing, casino games, silent auction and raffle. Items for auction and raffle include tickets to a taping of the show "Everybody Loves Raymond," a trip to San Diego worth $500, a cookbook signed by Emeril Lagasse and gift certificates for local businesses and restaurants.
By Ani Amirkhanian | December 23, 2006
A group of hip Santas sporting sunglasses and red hats hit the stage and danced and sang to "Boogie Woogie Santa" and other jazz tunes on Thursday at Bret Harte Elementary School. Students put on their annual holiday show for parents and guests, who filled the school's auditorium to near capacity. "The kids are doing great and they're amazing," said Principal Diane Berger, who stood watching the show from the back of the auditorium. Students in the choral group sang holiday songs as their peers changed into costume for their parts in the show.
By Chris Wiebe | March 1, 2008
In the foyer to the Bret Harte Elementary School auditorium Wednesday night, eight children sat wide-eyed as kindergarten teacher Sue Casella read aloud the book, “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More.” The read-along was a first this year during the annual book fair and family night, which raises funds for school programs while holding activities to get students excited about reading. “The teachers are so fabulous because they’re so eager to do it,” said Mageara Cameron- Spell, executive vice president of the school’s PTA. “And that’s a big draw — children love to come and listen to their teachers.
By Alison Tully | June 7, 2008
Caitlyn Batchelor came home one day and asked her mother if there were any old blankets around. The Bret Harte Elementary School second-grader wanted to donate the blankets to Operation Blankets of Love, a volunteer organization that provides blankets and bedding to local animal shelters and rescue groups. “I feel bad for the animals, and I don’t want them to feel cold,” said Caitlyn, 8. She is one of several students at the school who contributed 212 blankets to the organization, which was started in January by Burbank resident Eileen Smulson.
By Chris Wiebe | March 29, 2008
School was out for spring break at Bret Harte Elementary on Thursday, but a group of civic-minded volunteers were hard at work on school grounds. More than 40 Lockheed Federal Credit Union employees put down their pens, pushed away from their keyboards and picked up paint brushes, setting their sights on four fading portable classroom units that were left out of the school’s modernization efforts in 1999. “We’ve always had these eyesore bungalows that no one has really done anything about,” Principal Diane Berger said.
By Rachel Kane | November 3, 2007
Spandex-wearing ballerinas were part of a learning experience Friday morning at Bret Harte Elementary. Students watched a performance of “Peter and the Wolf” by the Media City Ballet as part of a grant from the James A. Doolittle Foundation for $5,000 worth of art services at their school. Bret Harte Elementary School was one of five Los Angeles County schools selected for the grant, Principal Diane Berger said. The performance was part of more than two months of instruction on using dance as a form of expression.
By Natalie Yemenidjian | November 15, 2008
Three Bret Harte Elementary School students crouched over a two-foot hole in the school’s playground Wednesday morning. After examining the hole’s depth, and the squirming worms that inhabited it, they began to dig. The rest of the second-grade class peered over the diggers’ shoulders, while a groundskeeper for the Burbank Unified School District and volunteers from Warner Bros. Studios prepared to plant one of 18 donated trees. Wednesday marked the eighth year Warner Bros.
By Chris Wiebe | April 2, 2008
RANCHO DISTRICT — Burbank Unified School District officials are in the first stages of a process to fill principal vacancies that will open up at two elementary schools at the end of the 2007-08 school year. Bret Harte Elementary School Principal Diana Berger and Providencia Elementary Principal Terri Delgado are slated to leave their posts in June, leaving vacancies for the 2008 fall semester, Superintendent Greg Bowman said. In addition, George Washington Elementary School Principal Jane Clausen has moved to the position of coordinator of special education, making former Assistant Principal Arlene Zenian the interim principal for the remainder of the school year, he said.
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