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January 10, 2012
Parents Robert and Brenda and sister Sarah Aguilar announce the graduation of their daughter and sister Elisa Nicole Aguilar from the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina. Aguilar, 20, attended Bret Harte Elementary School, Luther Burbank Middle School and John Burroughs High School. She was a student at Glendale Community College when she decided to join the Marine Corps. Aguilar graduated on Nov. 4 from the Recruit Depot. She graduated from the Marine Corps School of Infantry on Dec. 13.
March 2, 2002
NORTHWEST DISTRICT -- Youngsters at the Bret Harte Children's Center held their third annual charity Walk/Jog-a-Thon Tuesday. Parents, relatives, and friends sponsored the children by paying per lap or contributing a flat fee. The children, ages 3 to 10, raised approximately $1,300, said Audrey Brooks, center supervisor. Burbank Temporary Aid Center will receive 25% of the money, with 75% going to Bret Harte. The children's center will use the money for bus trips and special supplies for classrooms, Brooks said.
July 19, 2006
ON THE AGENDA The following items will be discussed at Thursday's school board meeting: SECURITY CAMERA INSTALLATION The board will consider installing security camera systems at Burbank and Burroughs high schools, at an estimated cost of $132,092 for both schools. This has been on high school principals' lists of things to do for a while, and Supt. Greg Bowman brought the issue to the board in November. Burbank High School even had 10 cameras, but due to improper wiring, the cameras were not installed and are now outdated.
By Rachel Kane | September 15, 2007
BURBANK — The unforeseen addition of 75 first-graders has Burbank officials hiring new teachers and creating new classrooms. Seventy-five of the 92 new, unexpected students in the district are entering the first grade this fall, Deputy Supt. Joel Shapiro said. The district’s predicted enrollment had been 5,541 elementary school students for the 2007-08 school year. “About half of them seem to be students that came from private schools and about the other half seem to have come from public schools within Burbank and they moved, or they were from public schools within another district,” Shapiro said.
June 19, 2004
Mark R. Madler Linda Strong made her decision to be a first-grade teacher when she was a first-grader herself at Bret Harte Elementary School. Strong teaches at her alma mater, and this fall will represent the Burbank school district in the Los Angeles County Teacher of the Year program. It recognizes the best teachers in public education. Strong, who started teaching at Bret Harte in 1980, was chosen as the Burbank district's Teacher of the Year from a field of 11 teachers, one from each of the elementary schools.
November 17, 2001
Gary Moskowitz NORTHWEST DISTRICT -- It was amazingly similar to a real visit to a bank when students at Bret Harte Elementary School lined up to open bank accounts at their school Thursday. The line was long. Each person had unique questions and specific account needs. There was lots of paperwork and an air of confusion as many students in the first through fifth grades opened up School Savings Program accounts with bank representatives from Washington Mutual.
June 3, 2000
Irma Lemus BURBANK -- Teachers and administrators who have served the Burbank Unified School District for a combined 550 years were honored at Thursday's Board of Education meeting. The 20 educators who were recognized have worked at the district for between 17 and 38 years. They are Julia Black and Neala Sullivan from John Muir Middle School; Roma Chavez and Ruth Mottem from Ralph W. Emerson Children's Center; Marilyn Deal, Lois Futrell and Patricia Kowalke from George Washington Elementary; Judy Dexter of the district's fiscal services office; Martha Hankins from Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary; Frank Kallem, Dave Kemp, Clyde Richards and Merle Stone from Burbank High; Claudia Larsen from Theodore Roosevelt Elementary; Margaret Lucas from Bret Harte Children's Center; Margarita Sandoval from the Adult School; Joyce Sedlak from Thomas Jefferson Elementary; Elizabeth Sjolund and Lynne Uhl from Joaquin Miller Elementary; and Marlene Urrutia from Walt Disney Elementary.
February 9, 2002
Molly Shore NORTHWEST DISTRICT -- Students at Bret Harte Elementary School and their parents attended Family Literacy Night Tuesday in the school's library. It was one of several events of the school's seventh annual Literature Extravaganza, held throughout the month. This year, Family Literacy Night's emphasis was information technology. "The goal is to make students more successful in comprehending what they read, especially history, social science, and science textbooks, which are more difficult to comprehend," Assistant Principal Kathleen Murphy said.
February 23, 2002
Maya Kukes NORTHWEST DISTRICT -- Social studies and math were traded for Picasso and Monet for a while Friday at Bret Harte Elementary School. Students studied the notable artists and others, and created art as part of "Art at Harte" day. For several hours, students attended classes with teachers other than their usual ones. Each teacher focused on one artist, discussing style and history. The students then made some of their own art, inspired by the artists they studied.
September 1, 2004
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