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Buena Vista Street

January 8, 2003
Ryan Carter Plans to raise the railroad tracks at the intersection of Buena Vista Street and San Fernando Boulevard won't become reality soon enough for Jacek W. Wysocki. Wysocki, 63, was killed Monday morning when a MetroLink train headed south to the Burbank station broadsided his flatbed truck. The train was traveling between 50 and 70 mph when it hit the truck at the intersection of San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, officials said.
March 24, 2001
While driving along Buena Vista Street and Verdugo Avenue, I was somewhat shocked and saddened at the demise of Abraham Lincoln Elementary School -- of late a Burbank Unified School District training center. I spent my formative years there (1939-46). Gone is the auditorium where I participated in class productions and the red log cabin where I studied art. The shambles took me back in time to the pictures in newspapers and magazines of war-torn Europe, which seemed so remote to us as children living in a free country.
By By Mark R. Madler | January 14, 2006
Mayor Jef Vander Borght wants state to quicken pace of underpass project at San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street crossing.MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- City officials and an area lawmaker are urging Caltrans to speed up construction of an underpass at the San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street railroad crossing following a fatal Jan. 6 Metrolink collision at the intersection. Mayor Jef Vander Borght called Assemblyman Dario Frommer following the collision at the crossing, which killed 76-year-old Glendale resident Maureen Osborn after a Metrolink train slammed into her car. "It can be done ahead of schedule," Vander Borght said.
October 29, 2003
The following information was taken from police reports: MAGNOLIA PARK 1920 Clark St.: A 15-year-old Burbank boy was arrested Monday at John Burroughs High School on suspicion of possessing marijuana at school. Olive and Verdugo avenues: A 17-year-old Burbank girl was arrested Sunday on suspicion of assaulting her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend. The two girls stopped their vehicles and began arguing when the suspect punched the victim in the face.
January 11, 2003
Ryan Carter Burbank crossing guard Lee Mahoney sits at her regular spot at San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, more worried than ever about the children who cross the intersection every day. Earlier in the week, she witnessed the fatal collision of a flatbed truck and MetroLink commuter train at her intersection and worries what would have happened if the crash had occurred an hour earlier, when children...
May 10, 2003
New traffic signals are a good start I like the idea of the new left-turn traffic signals. They're being installed at certain intersections in the city. According to the Burbank traffic department, it will take weeks to iron out all the glitches. The close calls I've had with oncoming automobiles speeding though a red light have been scary. Sgt. Pat Lynch of the Burbank Police Department said that drivers who break right-of-way laws, which include failing to yield to oncoming traffic, cause the most traffic accidents in the state.
January 9, 2010
Marshals arrest robbery suspects A newly formed U.S. Marshal?s Fugitive Apprehension Task Force on Thursday arrested a 27-year-old Rosemead man and his passenger in connection with a home-invasion robbery last month in the 400 block of Gibson Court, authorities said. Kevin Joseph Castaneda is being held in lieu of $100,000 bail at the Los Angeles County Twin Towers Jail on charges of robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and felony evading. Passenger Glen Ramirez, a 32-year-old El Monte man, was also charged with robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and evading officers and is being held without bail at the downtown facility, Burbank Police Lt. John Dilibert said.
By Rachel Kane | April 4, 2007
As Beach Boys tunes played in the background, Christine Martin dusted the many crosses, pyramids and pictures of serene scenes in her living room. She's not a devout Catholic. She's not a Jew or Scientologist. She doesn't really belong to any religion. But the 49-year-old does believe in God. So much that she and her business partner, 52-year-old Joe Couillard, converted Martin's living room into a convenience store all about Him. "This store is something," Martin said as she looked over the T-shirts and novelty items with the words "Trust God" on them, the Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets and cylindrical incense.
November 25, 2000
--Lolita Harper MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- A woman whose car was too far over the restraining line at the intersection of Buena Vista Street and San Fernando Road got her front bumper knocked off Wednesday morning by a passing MetroLink train, police said. According to witnesses, after being hit, the unidentified woman pulled into the gas station on the corner, filled up and drove off. "She just kept going. Maybe she didn't know she had been hit," said MetroLink spokesman Francisco Oaxaca.
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