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Buena Vista Street

By Jeremy Oberstein | March 15, 2008
BURBANK — Under budget and on time, a project aimed at sprucing up one of the city’s main thoroughfares is substantially completed, city officials said Thursday. About 400 trees, 11 new street medians and seven new traffic lights have been constructed on a 2.2-mile stretch of Burbank Boulevard between the city’s border with Los Angeles at Clybourn Avenue and North Victory Boulevard. But several minor components still need to be completed. They include cleaning up the sidewalks, constructing an extra signal loop embedded under the street to sense the presence of cars and control the traffic signal and fitting one of the medians with a sculpture bearing the likeness of Dr. David Burbank, officials said.
By Jeremy Oberstein | January 9, 2008
CITY HALL — The Burbank City Council voted unanimously Tuesday to allocate more than $30,000 for an environmental review to study an underground city of Los Angeles water pipeline that would run beneath a sliver of Burbank. The Los Angeles Department of Water & Power is proposing to construct a nearly 6-mile-long underground water supply pipeline, more than 2 miles of which would snake beneath the Whitnall Highway utility corridor in Burbank. The proposed pipeline would enter the city through Burbank Boulevard at the boundary between Burbank and Los Angeles.
December 12, 2007
Traffic measures are to prevent accidents I would agree with much of Bill Murray?s letter of Nov. 17 (?A signal that traffic flow needs to change?). However, I do disagree with his comments on red turn signals. Maybe some minor changes are needed, but overall they are safety factors. With the increase in traffic, as an example, the cross streets at Buena Vista Street and Verdugo Avenue have become a nightmare if you?re trying to get out of Frederic Street, a very short block from this intersection.
November 21, 2007
Woman conned out of $10,000 A 49-year-old North Hollywood woman was conned out of $10,000 Sunday, Burbank Police said. Lucia Miranda was approached by two Spanish-speaking women outside a 99 Cents Store on the corner of Victory Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, Sgt. Thor Merich said. The two women, 50 and 70, likely convinced Miranda using a lottery scheme to withdraw $10,000 from her bank account and give them the money, he said. “In these schemes, the victim is told that the suspects had won the lottery,” Merich said.
By Robert Rush | November 21, 2007
Traffic control in Burbank is not only a physical mess, but is causing people emotional and mental stress. The frustration comes from seeing the obvious solutions that no one in charge seems to be implementing. I agree with what Bill Murray said in his Saturday Mailbag letter (“A signal that traffic flow needs to change”). I would like to add a couple of suggestions of my own, but first let me tell a story I had with those in charge. It took a call to Community Assistance Coordinator Bob Kramer after five calls to city traffic engineer Ken Johnson over a period of a year and a half got nothing done about my request to get the city to fix an obvious oversight.
By Jeremy Oberstein | November 14, 2007
CITY HALL — A study of the city’s traffic signal system received the council’s blessing Tuesday, as officials agreed to find new ways to alleviate increasing traffic. “Traffic congestion has been of significant concern to the council for a number of years, and the council has responded to these concerns by funding many programs and projects to reduce or minimize traffic congestion in the city,” said Ken Johnson, assistant public works director and traffic engineer.
By Jeremy Oberstein | August 29, 2007
BURBANK — The City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday that would allow the city to create a quiet zone along a local railroad to lessen train noise in the surrounding neighborhood. By establishing such a zone, trains passing though the Buena Vista Street at-grade crossing, near San Fernando Boulevard, would be required to refrain from honking through a stretch of track at least half a mile long, and the crossings would be outfitted with safety improvements, alerting motorists that train horns will no longer be routinely sounded, city officials said.
By Rachel Kane | April 4, 2007
As Beach Boys tunes played in the background, Christine Martin dusted the many crosses, pyramids and pictures of serene scenes in her living room. She's not a devout Catholic. She's not a Jew or Scientologist. She doesn't really belong to any religion. But the 49-year-old does believe in God. So much that she and her business partner, 52-year-old Joe Couillard, converted Martin's living room into a convenience store all about Him. "This store is something," Martin said as she looked over the T-shirts and novelty items with the words "Trust God" on them, the Alcoholics Anonymous pamphlets and cylindrical incense.
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