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By Veronica Rocha, | June 30, 2010
BURBANK — Granada Hills resident Bob Kalaba found a new best friend in a Labrador mix named Iggy, whom he adopted Saturday at the Burbank Animal Shelter. Iggy playfully ran to Kalaba, tail wagging. Kalaba and his family were the first group to adopt an adult dog at the shelter's Annual Summer Adoption Fair that runs until Thursday. "I wanted to adopt one that was going to be euthanized if nobody took the dog," he said. "That to me is so sad." Iggy's previous owner turned her over to the shelter because she was "not a good camping dog, so just go ahead and put her to sleep," Kalaba was told.
February 14, 2007
Ban should not blanket Burbank In response to the Burbank Leader article on Jan. 31 ("Council likes smoking ban"): The Burbank City Council should not ban smoking in open-air, non-closed areas. We have had enough of the benevolent-order-of-bosombeaters gadflies who feign indignation and offense at each and everything of which they disapprove. Furthermore, I resent officious meddlers from Calabasas, etc., appearing before the Burbank City Council to seek to influence the affairs of Burbank.
August 13, 2005
Jeff Tully Like many young boys who learn martial arts at a young age, Richard Matsushita admits he didn't have the proper respect for karate when he first took up the sport at age 11. However, as he matured and became more involved in the ancient fighting style, the Burbank resident discovered that he not only enjoyed the pastime, but many aspects of karate helped mold much of his life. "I was like a lot of the kids who start out in martial arts and want to use then for the wrong reasons," said Matsushita, 40. "There was a time where I wanted to go out and kick people's [butts]
By Bryan Mahoney | September 11, 2012
We take hushed steps toward our target, but the pebbly asphalt of the Wildwood Canyon road adds a crunch to our steps that gives us away. It's that easy to lose your mojo. The towhee, once safely stooping for a drink from the runoff from a morning sprinkler shower, flicks his head to spy us with a bright, blood-red eye. Then he's back in the brush to wait out these possible predators: me, my wife and our guide, Nick Wilhelm. But we're just here to watch the little guy. His black head and white-and-black banded wings cover a stout orange breast, reminding me of a robin.
By Robert Phipps | August 3, 2007
It would be laughable if it weren’t so sad. I guess it’s the nicotine that addles the brain. Now, once again, we have a (presumed) smoker (Billie A. Barron in “Time to be a ‘brave soldier,’” Community Commentary, Saturday) telling us that if someone is smoking where we nonsmokers want to go — even if it’s unlawful to smoke there — if we were just “brave” and “intelligent,” we’d know the answer is that we should go around them.
November 13, 2002
Jim Riggio The schools are separated by just 1.86 miles, with a storied rivalry that dates back to 1949. When Burbank and Burroughs highs get together for the annual football classic at 7 p.m. Friday at Burroughs' Memorial Field, people in many households in the city won't have any trouble holding an allegiance to one particular school. However, for some selected individuals, rooting for either the Indians or Bulldogs is not so clear cut. For this selected group, their roots are intertwined with both Burroughs red and Burbank blue.
By Christopher Cadelago | April 1, 2009
CITY HALL — The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved sending to its congressmen a prioritized catalog of local projects — including a new library, two swimming pools and dashboard-mounted video recorders for police cars — eligible to receive federal funding. City executives have in the past month met with representatives of Reps. Brad Sherman and Adam Schiff with the goal of securing earmarks to pay for 25 projects totaling $112.8 million, including 12 top-tier projects tallying $107.
April 14, 2007
TODAY Barnes and Noble, 731 N. San Fernando Road, Burbank, will donate a percentage of every sale made with a special book fair voucher from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. to the Burbank Youth Board. Proceeds will benefit the Pack for Success Project, in which the Burbank Youth Board will be able to create a wish list for new items to be packed into backpacks for Burbank students. For more information, call (818) 238-5328. Burbank University Women will have their annual Scholarship Luncheon and Bridge Party from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Joslyn Adult Center, 1301 W. Olive Ave., Burbank.
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