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By Christopher Cadelago | July 15, 2009
BURBANK — Kevin Muldoon, a longtime City Hall critic, is scheduled to appear Thursday in Burbank Municipal Court for filming without permission, the first violation since the city’s film permit policies were amended in January. The misdemeanor charges stem from a May 1 incident at Bob’s Big Boy where he and Steve Schuneman were capturing footage for their website, , a collection of uploaded and streaming video of unusual automobiles and the stories behind them.
By Mary Burkin | May 23, 2009
Moms. Dads. Here?s your morning checklist ? kid, camera, costume and tickets. The tickets are for Glendale Centre Theatre?s children?s musical, ?Sleeping Beauty,? which runs every Saturday through June 27. The costume is for the kid to wear to the show. The camera is for the great photos you?ll take with the sweet, funny, kid-friendly cast members after the show. And, you might as well dress up in your own prince or princess outfit. You?ll be treated like royalty no matter what you wear.
By Christopher Cadelago | April 29, 2009
MAGNOLIA PARK DISTRICT — When the owner of Fleet Fueling and Burbank Auto Repair tore down his splintered pylon sign with acrylic facing last year and replaced it with a $16,000 electronic sign, he approached the move as an important business investment. The installation made headlines, as camera crews from Reuters and ABC News made their way to 800 N. Hollywood Way to snap photos of the high-tech display, which digitally displays gas prices with the click of a remote control.
By Nelea J. Ko | December 17, 2008
BURBANK — The Burbank City Council voted 4 to 1 Tuesday to adopt a new film ordinance, which will amend the city’s film policy by providing an exemption for filmmakers using hand-held devices. Under the new ordinance, filmmakers using hand-held video cameras will not need a permit as long as they are not obstructing public access. The previous film code did not provide this exemption. In the past, a parent wanting to film his or her child playing soccer at a local park with a hand-held camera would have needed a filming permit under the old ordinance, as indicated by the city attorney’s staff report.
By Nalea J. Ko | December 15, 2008
BURBANK — Members of the entertainment industry and community voiced their concerns Tuesday night about proposed changes to the city’s film ordinance, as the City Council considered a plan that would change the permit rules for small-scale filmmakers around the city. Under the proposed ordinance, filmmakers using hand-held cameras would not need to obtain a filming permit to operate on private or public property. As long as the camera operators do not impede access to public property, a permit would not be required.
By Ryan Vaillancourt | May 14, 2008
The prospect of a dwindling California entertainment industry at the hands of runaway production is especially daunting for Assemblyman Paul Krekorian since the local economies in his district, which includes Glendale and Burbank, lean heavily on film and television. As part of his effort to combat the economic problem, Krekorian chairs a select legislative committee on preserving the state entertainment industry, and he’s pushing policy measures that would crack down on intellectual property theft.
By Matt Bellner | January 26, 2008
Moviegoers who enjoy a good old-fashioned monster movie will definitely get a jolt out of the visually stimulating new release, ?Cloverfield.? It?s a throwback to the heyday of Japanese Godzilla movies, minus the obligatory happy ending. ?Cloverfield? follows a group of hip twentysomething adults in New York City as they celebrate a friend?s going-away party. While one of the partygoers shoots footage of the event, gigantic creatures attack the city. People panic, but the camera never stops rolling, and the entire 84-minute movie is seen from the perspective of a main character?
By Rachel Kane | September 15, 2007
It’s been a long time coming, but Mark Helfrich has finally hit the big time. The Burbank resident and A-list movie editor landed his first gig as a director this year for the major motion picture “Good Luck Chuck,” starring Jessica Alba and Dane Cook. The film, which hits theaters Friday, is about a man who seems to carry both a blessing and a curse in that any woman who sleeps with him seems to find their true love right afterward. “It’s the best,” Helfrich said, standing in front of a poster for the film at a bus stop at Buena Vista Street and Burbank Boulevard.
By Rachel Kane | August 29, 2007
BURBANK — High school students began living an examined life Monday as they started the semester with the addition of surveillance cameras in their common areas. Over the summer, 32 cameras were installed at John Burroughs High School and 38 at Burbank High School, said Chuck Colgan, district facilities compliance manager. The cameras will be used mostly as a deterrent for vandalism, theft and other crime on campus as well as a fact-gathering tool for crimes already committed, school administrators said.
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