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By Andrew J. Campa, | January 24, 2014
BURBANK - About all that stood after 80-plus minutes of crosstown rivalry girls' soccer between Burbank High and host Burroughs at Memorial Field was a 30th-minute goal. PHOTOS: Burroughs High girls' soccer wins against Burbank High   Other than that, the Indians and Bulldogs spent much of Friday afternoon's Pacific League contest hammering each other, while also attacking the opposing nets. In a contest that included four yellow cards, one penalty kick and several injuries, Burroughs will have a win to soothe its bruises as the Indians topped Burbank, 1-0. “I've seen a lot of cool things in sports and this was one of them,” Indians first-year Coach Brady Riggs said.
By Alene Tchekmedyian, | January 14, 2014
Swedish furniture giant IKEA got the green light from the Burbank Planning Board Tuesday to nearly double the size of its location in the city , though the project still needs to be approved by the Burbank City Council. The retailer, which opened in Burbank in 1990 as its sixth store in the United States, has outgrown its current digs at the Burbank Town Center, and hopes to relocate roughly a mile away to a nearly 23-acre lot located at 805 S. San Fernando Blvd. If the project is approved, the retailer plans to start demolishing the 22 existing structures on the lot this summer.
January 10, 2014
Gregory Krikorian's Dec. 18 op-ed piece about Walmar t supported occupying empty buildings and staffing them with low-paid, part-time employees to boost employment statistics. His and other letters imply that what is most important is for Burbank citizens to be able to buy cheap merchandise and not see vacant buildings around the city. Businesses do exist in order to make profits but they are dependent upon workers and obligated to provide decent working conditions. Workers have legal rights to protect them from unfair employment practices and should earn a living wage for their labor.
By Alene Tchekmedyian, | January 7, 2014
The former president of the Burbank police union filed a claim against the city last month alleging that he was retaliated against for disclosing - and refusing to participate in - illegal conduct by the department, including arrest quotas, destroying evidence and making false statements in reports for criminal investigations, according to city records. Mark Armendariz, who was fired in July for reasons city officials have declined to divulge, is seeking damages, which he alleges exceed $10,000, according to the 16-page claim.
December 31, 2013
Re: “ Is Walmart what we want in a business ,” Mailbag, Dec. 25. Walmart is not in business to improve your wages, they are not in business to give you healthcare, vacations, pensions, sick days and support unions. They are in business to make a profit. Secondly, they are in business to fill a need. A need that apparently most Burbank residents would like fulfilled. According to the letters in this paper, the majority of people in this city want a Walmart in the Empire Center.
By Alene Tchekmedyian, | December 31, 2013
City officials this month denied allegations contained in a wrongful termination lawsuit filed by a former public works employee. The employee, Dale Wagner, 61, sued the city in September for alleged age discrimination and retaliation, claiming that he was forced to retire after health problems caused work restrictions for him, according to his lawsuit. Wagner, who said he worked for the city for more than 30 years as a public works inspector, accused the city of having a pattern of discriminating against employees over 40 years old. Wagner said he became “seriously ill” in August 2011 with back pain that was too severe for him to work a full day. He had surgery and went on medical leave a month later, after which he developed an infection which elongated his recovery time, the lawsuit stated.
By Bryan Mahoney | December 31, 2013
Walking around the warehouse home of Burbank's Rose Parade float is a bit like a movie set - you've got constant motion, many colorful set pieces and the star of the show has lost her head. Her head's actually over in makeup, where it's joined by several other large heads. Her “makeup artists” are creating a very special concoction to get that camera-ready tone; a mixture of white rice and dried roses are pureed in blenders and coffee grinders. “It's just amazing - they take the flowers and they make it into mulch and you get … that,” said Lisa Patino, a first-time volunteer on Burbank's Rose Parade float.
By Alene Tchekmedyian, | December 24, 2013
Burbank city attorneys have filed a response denying the allegations set forth in a lawsuit in which a Burbank resident accused the city of making illegal wire transfers from its utility to the city's General Fund, according to court records. In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court in September, Burbank resident Christopher Spencer argued that the city's long-standing practice of transferring utility funds to the city's General Fund, which pays for most public services, has illegally hiked up water rates to the point where they “exceed the reasonable costs” of providing the service.
December 20, 2013
The Hall of Liberty at the Forest Lawn in Hollywood Hills is the venue this weekend as the all-volunteer and newly-minted Burbank Community Theater presents its first offering, the charming stage musical, “Annie! ” While an amateur production might not seem like a big thing in this city that so many theater and film professionals call home, it is nonetheless a proud moment for Burbank. With only a couple of months of preparations, the cast of more than 70 characters and countless behind-the-scenes hands are triumphantly demonstrating that with pluck and determination - and a few singing lessons - people of all ages can come together to create a terrific experience for their audiences and have plenty of fun while doing so. The nonprofit group was the brainchild of Julia Swanwick, who hopes to see the Burbank Community Theater thrive.
By Alene Tchekmedyian, | December 17, 2013
Burbank's top executive declined to reinstate a former Burbank police officer despite an independent arbitrator's advisory ruling that the former officer should get his job back, records show. Mike Reyes, who joined the Burbank Police Department in 2000 after five years with the Los Angeles Police Department, was fired in June of 2010 after city officials accused him of failing to disclose a use-of-force complaint reported to him by a robbery suspect tied to the 2007 Porto's Bakery robbery, and of subsequently lying to investigators a year and a half later to cover up the alleged misconduct.
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