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October 12, 2002
Art in the Verdugo Mountains HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- The Nature's Artists Club begins at 11 a.m. today at Stough Canyon Nature Center. The club is open to people 10 and older interested in drawing, photographing, sculpting or painting in the peaceful and scenic Verdugo Mountains. "Oak trees and our sycamores are losing their leaves, but not a lot," Recreation Supervisor Carol Mercado said. "The oak tree is getting acorns, and the squirrels and scrub jays are going for the acorns."
March 20, 2002
Laura Sturza BURBANK -- Between 300 to 400 military personnel will be receiving care packages from Burbank residents and businesses with the city's recent first shipment. When the program started in early February, organizers hoped to "adopt-a-platoon" of about 30 service people. The community's outpouring led to the program's expansion to reach additional units including the 101st Airborne Division stationed at Kandahar Air Base, organizer Marc Cutter said.
June 20, 2007
Unlike other sequels that suffer from the way-too-little, way-too-soon syndrome, "The Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" is 100% better than the original. It's the full-blown "B" movie that it should have been in 2005. Yes, it's all about the pending destruction of the universe and how our heroes, once again, save the world. But unlike other movies based on successful comic books, it avoids overwhelmingly ponderous themes of darkness and brutality, and happily sidesteps any sense of self-importance.
June 22, 2005
Fans of the Batman comics will enjoy the new and darker "Batman Begins." People who don't like comic books will find this film to be boring and not enough fun for their summer viewing. First, let me say I'm probably in the minority because I didn't enjoy this movie. It's not a bad film but in my opinion it's not as good as the 1989 movie by Tim Burton. Now that I've got that disclaimer out of the way, let's get down to business. As the title implies, "Batman Begins" starts at the beginning and tells the story of how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman.
By Christine Putnam | October 4, 2008
If you remember rushing to the malt shop after school and pouring your allowance into the jukebox to twist to the latest vinyl sounds, then take that old letterman jacket or poodle skirt out of mothballs. The Great Grill in downtown Burbank is your time machine back to the 1950s, complete with burgers, fries and Blue Plate Specials. Walking into the Great Grill, you expect to see a group of bobby-soxers sitting at the vinyl- covered booths discussing 10-cent comic books and the lyrics to the latest Elvis hit. The restaurant is rather small, but it has all of that nostalgic appeal that makes the size seem more intimate than uncomfortable.
April 30, 2003
Gary Moskowitz They don't have the high stakes of a top-dollar poker table in Las Vegas or the same intensity as a grand master chess match, but to the young card players who meet at local comic-book stores every week, their games are serious business. Behind the rows of comic books, science-fiction posters and shelves of figurines at many area comic-book stores are separate rooms designated for competitive card-playing tournaments. The rooms are getting more and more crowded at stores in Burbank and Glendale.
December 9, 2009
The following were taken from daily booking reports from the Burbank Police Department.   AREA 1   2900 block of North San Fernando Boulevard A 29-year-old Sun Valley man was arrested for possession of heroin. That arrest led to the arrest of four guests of the Ramada Inn for sales of narcotics, including a 24-year-old Burbank man. Police recovered methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin from a hotel room as well as cash, digital scales and packaging material.
By Bill Kisliuk, | November 23, 2010
Warner Bros. on Monday recalled collectible glasses depicting Superman and other characters after a study found the glasses contain dangerous levels of lead. The announcement came after the Associated Press reported that the collectible drinking glasses exceeded federal limits for lead by as much as 1,000 times. The glasses also reportedly contained cadmium, a suspected carcinogen. The clear drinking glasses have images of superheroes from D.C. Comics, as well as Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and others from "The Wizard of Oz. " In a statement, Warner Bros.
September 6, 2003
DAVID SILVA The first of two parts. I was mugged for the first time when I was 9, about a year or so after my family moved to Huntington Park. I remember feeling a bit ashamed when I told my mother the story -- my young pride was telling me I had coughed up the goods a bit too easily. I had been walking to a book store on Pacific Boulevard when two young punks just walked up to me and demanded my money. I had $1.50 on me, which I'd planned to spend on comic books but which wound up being the price of my first shakedown.
By Matt Bellner | May 13, 2009
Comic book fans, action junkies and teenagers looking for a full-speed night of entertainment should be satisfied with the new release ?X Men Origins: Wolverine.? The rest of you will end up like the title character and quickly forget everything that happens during this 107-minute mindless start to the summer film season. ?X Men Origins,? a prequel to the mega-hit ?X Men,? tells the complete back story of the popular character Wolverine, played once again by the talented Hugh Jackman.
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