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By Alison Tully | August 16, 2008
BURBANK — A former construction manager of a nearly $16-million affordable housing project filed a formal complaint against the city Housing Corporation’s executive director for ending the contract prematurely. In a nearly 15-page letter addressed to City Councilman David Gordon on Aug. 7, the former manager, James Vodery, states that the termination of his contract was “unjustified” and that Judith Arandes, the Burbank Housing Corporation’s executive director, mismanaged the project.
By Bob Beher | April 23, 2008
That?s it, I?m throwing in the towel, crying uncle; no more complaints from me. For years the actions of Burbank have baffled me and I, as well as many, have risen to voice our concerns, only for them to fall upon the deaf ears of those who supposedly represent us. So no more complaining about allowing the tear-downs of cottages for replacement by McMansions even though they are more taxing on our sewers, water supply and power base....
By Jeremy Oberstein | April 12, 2008
Ken Johnson loves traffic; it’s the constant stream of complaints he receives that has taken some getting used to. Since he joined Burbank’s Public Works Department as the city’s traffic engineer seven years ago, Johnson has received probably thousands of complaints, questions and suggestions about traffic problems that plague a city with more than 100,000 residents and 190 traffic signals. “We get at least 10 calls a day from people who have complaints and issues,” he said.
By Jeremy Oberstein | March 8, 2008
BURBANK ? A week after a town hall meeting and a series of negative attacks from neighbors, members of a sober-living home on Clark Avenue are speaking up, saying they have been unfairly criticized even as surrounding residents continue to call for their removal. ?There are no drugs, no alcohol, nothing. That?s not what we?re doing,? said James Murphy, the longest-standing resident at the home. ?Everybody that is currently at the house works. This is a transition house for you to get your [life]
By Jeremy Oberstein | January 23, 2008
CITY HALL — A review by two Burbank residents who oppose a proposed baggage facility at Bob Hope Airport was denied 3-2 Tuesday by the City Council, which backed the tri-cities airport board that called the project a vital tool for improving airport security. Stan Hyman and David Piroli filed complaints with the city on the grounds that the 4,500-square-foot baggage facility, meant to house a new luggage screening apparatus, violated both the development agreement that guards against terminal expansion and a section of the Burbank Municipal Code concerning airport construction.
By Rachel Kane | December 15, 2007
BURBANK — Proceedings for a sexual harassment suit filed in June against the Burbank Unified School District will continue despite the district’s attempt to have the case thrown out, according to court documents filed Monday. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell denied the district’s request for the suit to be stricken. In response to the sexual harassment suit filed by district secretary Danielle Baez against the district and director of facilities Craig Jellison in June, the district’s attorney, Nancy P. Doumanian, filed a motion in late September in Los Angeles County Superior Court to strike the complaint, calling it frivolous.
By Rachel Kane | October 3, 2007
BURBANK — In response to a district administrative secretary’s sexual harassment lawsuit against the Burbank Unified School District and its director of facilities, the district’s attorney has filed a motion in Los Angeles County Superior Court to strike the complaint, calling it frivolous. “The complaint as a whole . . .amounts to a ‘frivolous pleading’ . . . given that the allegations contained therein are totally and completely without merit,” according to the motion, which school district attorney Nancy P. Doumanian filed Friday.
May 19, 2007
T he Rev. Will Bowen of the Assn. of Unity Churches wants everybody to stop complaining. Complaining, he says, only leads to more things to complain about. And if the world's population could collectively stop harping, we'd be a better place. Bowen has reportedly challenged his Missouri congregation to wear purple bracelets to remind themselves to stop complaining, criticizing or gossiping. He also challenged them to stop complaining for 21 days to break habits.
By Ani Amirkhanian | October 14, 2006
BURBANK — Protesters gathered in front of NBC Studios on Wednesday, decrying Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's scheduled appearance on the "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." About 30 sign-carrying protesters, mostly nurses from the California Nurses Assn., rallied against Schwarzenegger's policies. Protesters claimed that he was unfairly taking advantage of television air time by appearing on "The Tonight Show" without equal time given to Democratic challenger Phil Angelides, his challenger in this year's gubernatorial race.
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