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By PATRICK CANEDAY | March 7, 2009
Delores Thomas is retired. In her idle time, I wonder if she ever thinks back to 1959. That was the year she and her husband, Al, opened the Tallyrand Restaurant. I wonder if she knows the depth of the legacy she and Al left behind for their children and, indeed, for everyone in Burbank. In 1959, Fidel Castro had just declared himself premier of Cuba. Barbie was born, as was Bozo the Clown. Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax anchored the Dodgers’ rotation, taking them to their first World Series win in Los Angeles.
July 4, 2001
Sang Lee BURBANK -- For an entire summer last year, the memories of one day haunted Tim Murphy. During his sophomore season, the recent Burroughs High graduate tried to forget one particular game. He also tried to flush from his thoughts the sullen expressions on the faces of his senior teammates in the final team meeting, the high-pitched call of "stee-rike" into his right ear from the umpire, and the agonizing whoosh that came from his bat as it whizzed by the swerving baseball.
By Jeff Tully | July 6, 2009
BURBANK — Mike Boyd felt helpless when he watched news reports of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. “I would look at the news every day and see kid, after kid, after kid dying,” Boyd said. “I felt so much for our U.S. troops who were dying.” Instead of wondering what he could do to help the troops, Boyd went into to action. He founded a series of “American Soldier Thank You” concerts to help raise funds for military personnel. “It was something I needed to do for them, knowing all the things they have done for us,” said Boyd, the founder of Burbank-based Singboy Productions.
October 31, 2013
The Pentagon has appointed an envoy tasked with shutting down the prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The prison, which holds terror suspects including those involved in planning the 9/11 attacks, currently holds 164 detainees, 17 of whom are on hunger strike and 84 that the U.S. does not consider a threat. President Obama promised to close the prison by 2010 but has been stymied by Congress, which has placed funding restrictions on the transfer of detainees and other conditions that make it difficult to move prisoners either to the U.S. or other countries.
December 30, 2000
Jeff Tully BURBANK -- Throughout the past year, the local community experienced its share of important, interesting and tragic sports stories. Some of the stories touched us, some informed us and others just entertained us. Although many of the stories deserve recognition, a select few stood out among the others. Chosen by the Leader Sports staff, here is a list of the top 10 sports stories of the year 2000: 1. Burbank boys' cross-country team makes history: The Bulldogs weren't even the best team in the Foothill League, however, they ended up being one of the top finishers in the state.
December 20, 2003
JOYCE RUDOLPH The Gay Men's Chorus has invited its friends to join them in a nostalgic holiday concert this weekend at The Alex Theatre. Special guests for the "Holiday In and Out" musical extrava- ganza are Joanna Gleason and VOX Los Angeles, who have appeared with the chorus in many shows over the years, said Artistic Director Bruce Mayhall. "It's a really warm and fuzzy holiday celebration," he said. "We thought we'd start our 25th anniversary season inviting dear friends of the chorus."
December 21, 2002
48 HOURS Patrick Shea, a national gymnast titlist, is using his tumbling skills as a mischievous imp in the original ballet "The Snow Queen: Ballet Redefined," today and Sunday at Glendale Community College auditorium. Shea won all-around first place champion last year in the Region 1 Gymnastics Championships sponsored by USA Gymnastics in Hawaii. The region covers California, Nevada, Arizona and Hawaii. He has been taking gymnastics since he was 5, and continues to build his skills at Team Le Club in Chatsworth.
November 2, 2002
JOYCE RUDOLPH While the music and the lyrics continue to be a solid base for "2nd Wind the Musical 2002," it's the actors who generate a fresh spark to this revival at the Gene Bua Theatre in Burbank. The story is about an acting coach, Teacher, who pulls together three celebrity volunteers -- Cappy, Paaul and Valentine -- to help him with a new program at Strawberry Fields Residential Treatment Center. They attempt to teach three street kids, Adam, Lix and Sabrina, how to turn their rage, fear and shame into positive energy through acting.
December 13, 2003
JOYCE RUDOLPH For Rudy Diaz, singing with the Burbank Chorale is a change of pace from his job as a Superior Court judge for the Eastlake Juvenile Courts near USC. "We handle the inner city up to Eagle Rock," he said. "A lot of things you read about come before us." So, singing bass with the 83-year-old chorale has been a great outlet for the Burbank resident. The group practices once a week during the year, but this week, it had four rehearsals in preparation for two concerts this weekend.
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