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Excessive Force

By Alene Tchekmedyian, | January 10, 2014
A third former Burbank police officer's firing was disputed by an independent arbitrator, who ruled that a 20-year department veteran, accused by the city of covering up misconduct during a 2007 robbery investigation, should get his job back. In an advisory decision, the arbitrator ruled that former Det. Angelo Dahlia, who has sued the city in state and federal court, should not have been fired, multiple sources confirmed. Burbank's top executive will make the final call on whether to reinstate him. “(Dahlia)
By Christopher Cadelago | March 20, 2010
A black police officer does not have a discrimination case against the Burbank Police Department, a judge ruled Thursday, dismissing Jamal Childs as a plaintiff in a lawsuit brought by five minority officers in May. The ruling by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell does not affect the other four plaintiffs, who allege numerous instances of race- and gender-based bias, harassment and retaliation, and that the department allowed...
By Christopher Cadelago | April 24, 2010
DOWNTOWN ? Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse this week announced the appointment of a veteran Los Angeles Police Department lieutenant to serve as his patrol captain, following a recently approved policy allowing outside recruits. Capt. Mike Albanese, 60, a 37-year veteran of the LAPD, served as officer-in-charge of the Special Weapons and Tactics Unit before his retirement in December 2008. The appointment comes about a month after LaChasse named Tom Angel, a 34-year veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff?
By Christopher Cadelago | February 19, 2010
DOWNTOWN — A private investigator hired by the city to probe allegations of misconduct within the Burbank Police Department is expected to submit his final report in the coming week, officials said Tuesday. City officials said they expect to spend the next several weeks poring over confidential information gathered by investigator James Gardiner, a retired police chief hired by the city as it grappled with a federal investigation into allegations of excessive force by officers and five lawsuits filed by eight current and former officers.
January 6, 2010
City Manager Mike Flad is expected to name a permanent police chief in July to succeed interim Scott LaChasse. Meanwhile, four lawsuits by eight current and former members of the Police Department will make their way through the legal system as the city awaits the potential fallout of the FBI?s probe into excessive force by officers. ? High rises in Glendale and Burbank remain riddled with empty floors as vacancy rates approached 20% in each city during 2009. City officials and brokers are working to attract new tenants at a time when few businesses are expanding, but an oversupply of empty office space could put downward pressure on prices and create trouble for owners of new properties who remain on the hook for hefty construction loans.
August 17, 2002
Ryan Carter Several allegations, including excessive force and assault, have been dismissed in a civil lawsuit filed by convicted serial rapist and former Glendale resident Daniel Zabuski against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. Zabuski, 42, was arrested by Burbank Police in April 2000 after a Burbank woman he met over the Internet claimed he attacked and sexually assaulted her in her hotel room. Zabuski was convicted in February of six felony counts, including rape and forcible sodomy against three women he met over the Internet.
April 10, 2002
Ryan Carter BEVERLY HILLS -- Criminal accusations of assault and disorderly conduct against a pair of Burbank brothers -- one of them a Burbank Police officer -- have been dismissed. Burbank Police Officer Anthony Valento, 31, and his brother, Joseph, 29, stood attentively Monday as accusations they assaulted two girls and two security guards at a pop-punk concert in July were dropped. "At this point we feel there were problems with identification, and we would not be able to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt," Deputy Dist.
June 26, 2002
Ryan Carter Out of an estimated 100,000 contacts with the public last year, police received 37 citizen complaints -- four of which were sustained -- according to numbers recently released to the Burbank Police Commission. Of the complaints, six were for excessive force, one was for racial profiling, three were for failure to perform duty properly, 24 were for inappropriate conduct, two were for unprofessional conduct and one was for unlawful detention, police said.
April 21, 2001
The letter written by Glendale resident Ron Nicoll was produced by a very wide paint brush. Yes, both the Burbank Police Department administration and the district attorney's office should be commended for their investigation of alleged acts committed by Officer Daniel Shaw. But, the Burbank Police Department, led by Chief Tom Hoefel, conducted an investigation, not a prosecution, and until the alleged acts are proven in a court of law they remain allegations only.
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