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By Lisa Dupuy | November 12, 2008
What do Klaus Kinski, Werner Herzog and Tom Waits have in common? Yes, they?re all masters in their artistic disciplines. But they also have each been involved in some sort of adaptation of Georg Buchner?s play ?Woyzeck? (pronounced Voi-check). Therefore, you?d think this would be a really cool play and an interesting view into the life and times of the political revolutionary who wrote it as well as the real person upon which the story is based, soldier Johann Woyzeck. Both lived in Germany in the early 1800s.
By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | October 13, 2007
In life we have wins and losses. These can lead us to life moments filled with victory or uncertainty. It is during the seasons of loss in life that we face ambiguity, which can lead to fear. You may find yourself in such a place today: What will become of my wayward child? How will I make my house payment? Will my marriage ever get better? When will I finally be out of financial difficulty? These, and all asunder of questions and doubts, can fill our mind at any given time. Trouble can appear suddenly, leaving us doubting and experiencing feelings of hopelessness.
August 20, 2005
Sarah Hill Pinatas, balloon animals and a slew of presents were just some of the things a group of underprivileged children recently enjoyed thanks to Burbank teens Andrew Harris and Perry Stevens. Andrew, 16, and Perry, 14, threw a birthday party Aug. 8 for the children of Casa de la Esperanza orphanage in Tijuana as part of their Eagle Scout project. "It sounded like a cool project," said Perry, who got the idea from one of his church leaders.
By Massimo Cibelli | January 16, 2008
The members of Back Pocket Memory, a five-piece alternative rock band, share a feeling that their sound is influenced by the changes in their lives, said singer Chris Pennington. “Especially for me, the changes that I have made in the past couple years are an inspiration to my lyrics,” he said. For guitarist Ian Felchlin, the closer the band gets to one another as time goes by, the more their music grows. “Personally, certain songs that I write are affected by the moods that I have gone through with my band,” he said.
April 23, 2005
Jeff Tully A few weeks ago, Bellarmine-Jefferson High baseball player Matt Magallon and football Coach Rolando Aguirre were looking through some drawers in one of the school's classrooms when the senior came across a lost treasure. Buried in the bottom of a desk in a room occupied for many years by former longtime Coach Hal Krug were three league- championship patches. The cloth decals were from 1979, the last season the Guards' baseball team won a title.
By Ann Kim | September 1, 2007
Up-and-coming Burbank filmmaker Kurt Kuenne has re-created the romantic musical comedy by incorporating black and white film stock with an original gospel-Dixieland score. But the filmmaking process for “Validation” has been equal parts inventiveness and turn of good luck, he said. Kuenne’s short film was selected to compete at the Los Angeles Shorts Festival and will be shown at 7:45 p.m. Sept. 8 at the AMC Burbank Town Center 6. It will showcase Kuenne’s new spin on old elements of romance and comedy in his film about a parking attendant who validates parking tickets, gives real-life validation and falls in love with a girl who can’t smile.
July 18, 2013
I agree with letter writer Steve Urbanovich, about Burbank Water and Power's comparison ignoring demographics. My husband and I are also retired. We are 65 and 71 and we've lived in the same house for 40 years. We receive the utility's letters and they feel like harassment. We have made these energy-conserving upgrades: double-paned windows, insulation, new texture coat and energy-efficient air conditioning/heat, appliances, light bulbs. All our sprinklers are on timers, we water after 6 p.m. and before 6 a.m. We take “boat showers.” We keep our air-conditioning thermostat at 75; sometimes it never kicks on until the afternoon.
By Jeremy Oberstein | April 2, 2008
BURBANK — More than a dozen residents have already chimed in since the 45-day public comment period began Monday for Bob Hope Airport’s proposed mandatory curfew. “Most have been supportive, but one party took more of an airline approach,” airport spokesman Victor Gill said. “The general tenor of their letter was [that the curfew] tends to be an unfavorable development for commerce.” The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on March 17 unanimously approved the Part 161 Study, which included a mandatory 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew on all flights with an exception only for emergencies and a one-hour grace period for weather-delayed flights.
By Christopher Cadelago | January 16, 2010
NBC’s plans to reintroduce scripted programming in the final hour of prime time could generate as many as 1,500 jobs and $15 million a week in spending, industry observers said. Following the worst year on record for filming in Los Angeles — one that saw motion picture, television and commercial productions flee the state for less tax-laden pastures — the estimate served as a stark reminder of how quickly things can turn around, said FilmLA President Paul Audley.
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