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By Zain Shauk | September 21, 2009
Demand for meals at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has surged 34% from a year ago, with 1 million pounds of food now being funneled to more than 900 agencies each week, administrators said Wednesday. That’s equivalent to 750,000 meals a week as local nonprofits continue to lean on the regional food bank for help in meeting the demands of their clients, said Michael Flood, president and chief executive of the agency. Local food pantries are struggling to keep up as well, with demand nearly outstripping available supplies, administrators reported Wednesday.
By Christopher Cadelago | August 21, 2009
BURBANK — Jay Leno sauntered through glass doors and onto a newly renovated stage, nonchalant and trimmer since “The Tonight Show” stopped taping across the lot in May. “The monologue is right here,” Leno said Wednesday, inching toward rows of stadium seats. Technicians and stage hands bustled in the background, readying the set for the Sept. 14 primetime premiere of “The Jay Leno Show.” The 59-year-old host continued past two 103-inch televisions, a practicing band and large detailed pictures from his vast car collection.
By Joyce Rudolph | May 16, 2009
Watercolorist Marie Burdick paints subjects and colors depending on the mood she’s in at the time. When she feels subdued, she opts for greens and browns for subjects like mountain landscapes. If her mood swings to upbeat, she pulls out a painting of surfers on the beach and switches to hues of reds and yellows. “I usually have a dozen paintings going at one time,” she said. “I don’t know if all artists are like this. A lot of my friends are more disciplined and finish one before they start another.
By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | March 14, 2009
We live in a day and age when some individuals wonder if biblical teachings are applicable to our generation. We know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever (Hebrews 13:8), and with that truth, we consider that biblical standards and morals have value throughout time. They are not there to make people feel God’s commands are “old fashioned” but rather to protect us. Protection from future consequences, harm and paths in life that cause extreme pain — pain that cannot be foreseen.
By Lisa Dupuy | March 7, 2009
In our family, I am the primary vacation planner and driver. My kids and husband find it very mysterious that almost every trip takes us within a mile or two of a wine country. “Gee, how’d we get here?” I ask, astounded. “Well, we might as well tour a few wineries . . .” I love a nice glass of wine. I’m guessing a number of readers do too. Pair it with a good cheese and a salad and I’m set for the evening. Imagine my delight when I discovered there’s a new place in town, the Left Coast Wine Bar & Gallery, that offers just that, along with a couple of my other favorite things — music and art. Owner and Manager Ed Mamigonian has created a space filled with his favorite things and offers them up with graciousness and hospitality.
By Tom Risen | February 11, 2009
The age of analog television is set to come to an end in the U.S. on June 12, and Brian Finn can see the anxiety at his store in Burbank. ?On a weekly basis, we get 10 to 15 people who come in asking questions about the changeover,? said Finn, the vice president of Electronic City Inc. People and television stations are scrambling to get with the national program. Congress has mandated that by the June deadline, all television service in the U.S. must convert from old-fashioned analog to modern digital.
By Jeremy Oberstein | December 15, 2008
BURBANK — Yahoo Inc. has begun laying off more than 1,500 workers around the world, including an undisclosed amount at its Burbank campus on Empire Avenue, the Internet giant announced Wednesday. The action follows Yahoo’s October promise to slash 10% of its global workforce to cut $400 million a year in costs as the company struggles against bleak earnings estimates and weak revenue figures. “We have begun to notify impacted employees,” spokesman Brad Williams said.
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