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By Jeremy Oberstein | December 11, 2008
BURBANK — Yahoo Inc. has begun laying off more than 1,500 workers around the world, including an undisclosed amount at its Burbank campus on Empire Avenue, the Internet giant announced Wednesday. The action follows Yahoo’s October promise to slash 10% of its global workforce to cut $400 million a year in costs as the company struggles against bleak earnings estimates and weak revenue figures. “We have begun to notify impacted employees,” spokesperson Brad Williams said.
By Lisa Dupuy | November 19, 2008
What do Klaus Kinski, Werner Herzog and Tom Waits have in common? Yes, they’re all masters in their artistic disciplines. But they also have each been involved in some sort of adaptation of Georg Buchner’s play “Woyzeck” (pronounced Voi-check). Therefore, you’d think this would be a really cool play and an interesting view into the life and times of the political revolutionary who wrote it as well as the real person upon which the story is based, soldier Johann Woyzeck.
By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | October 11, 2008
A sense of entitlement. It seems to permeate our younger generation. It may be that they are inundated with so much media and external stimulation that they expect more than many of us who are parents ever did. I was recently telling a friend of mine that after school on a rainy day that I was content to come home and read my Laura Ingalls Wilder (“Little House on the Prairie”) books until it was dinner time. It was really enjoyable. My mom would later call me to dinner, and I never felt slighted at the lack of entertainment.
By Joyce Rudolph | August 2, 2008
The two dancers turned slowly and struck poses in silhouette behind the green strips of vinyl suspended 15 feet above from an alcove near the art gallery’s ceiling. They were rehearsing for the opening reception of the art exhibition, “Circle in the Square,” tonight at Brand Library Art Galleries in Glendale. The show features installations created out of vinyl by Cheryl Walker, such as the artificial waterfall the dancers were under in the center of the gallery and a stain-glass effect covering the gallery’s windows.
By Alison Tully | June 7, 2008
Adriana Alvarenga fidgeted with her cap and gown in anxious anticipation for the Burbank Adult School graduation ceremony to begin on Wednesday. “I am so happy to finish. I’ve come a long way,” said Alvarenga, who received her high-school diploma and last month was inducted into the school’s Honor Society. After attending Eagle Rock High School for three years, she dropped out to help support her family. Now, with graduation certificate in hand, she plans to start classes in September at Glendale Community College.
By Jason Wells | April 23, 2008
BURBANK — Jim Foulkan just shook his head Tuesday morning when the tab for about five gallons of regular unleaded gasoline for his Jeep Wrangler came in at $20.53 at an Arco station on East Tujunga Avenue and South Glenoaks Boulevard. But at $3.81 per gallon, Foulkan’s charge was a relative bargain. It was less than the regional average on Tuesday of $3.85 per gallon of regular-grade gasoline, and far below what his Glendale neighbors are paying. Gasoline prices there could soon cruise past $4 per gallon, with several local stations Tuesday advertising regular unleaded at just a penny below the benchmark.
By Bob Beher | April 23, 2008
That?s it, I?m throwing in the towel, crying uncle; no more complaints from me. For years the actions of Burbank have baffled me and I, as well as many, have risen to voice our concerns, only for them to fall upon the deaf ears of those who supposedly represent us. So no more complaining about allowing the tear-downs of cottages for replacement by McMansions even though they are more taxing on our sewers, water supply and power base....
By Jeremy Oberstein | April 2, 2008
BURBANK — More than a dozen residents have already chimed in since the 45-day public comment period began Monday for Bob Hope Airport’s proposed mandatory curfew. “Most have been supportive, but one party took more of an airline approach,” airport spokesman Victor Gill said. “The general tenor of their letter was [that the curfew] tends to be an unfavorable development for commerce.” The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority on March 17 unanimously approved the Part 161 Study, which included a mandatory 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. curfew on all flights with an exception only for emergencies and a one-hour grace period for weather-delayed flights.
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