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By Jason Wells | March 26, 2008
BURBANK ? Average unleaded fuel prices on Monday for the Los Angeles area continued to hover within a penny of the $3.62-per-gallon record set last week, and market analysts announced a new all-time inflation-adjusted high of $3.26 a gallon for the national average. The average cost for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline in Los Angeles was $3.61, according to the Automobile Club of Southern California, slightly less than the state average of $3.63. For premium gasoline, the regional average was $3.91 per gallon.
By Lisa Dupuy | February 20, 2008
The Colony Theatre continues its string of unique and entertaining shows with its current production, “Almost, Maine.” More a series of vignettes about love than a regular multi-act play, “Almost, Maine” delivers a satisfying experience. Four actors play 19 characters living in the mythical town of Almost, an unorganized territory in Aroostook County, northern Maine, 200 miles from the ocean. It is truly in the middle of nowhere, or as my friend used to say, in the middle of everywhere.
By Jeremy Oberstein | January 26, 2008
BURBANK — Home prices in Burbank declined sharply in December, and more than 300 homes in the city are in various states of foreclosure, but officials maintain the city’s financial standing is still strong. The median home price in Burbank in December was $540,000 — down from more than $613,000 a year ago. That nearly 12% drop is slightly more than the 11.5% drop in Los Angeles County and well below the 2.1% gain Glendale posted in the same period, according to the latest analysis from DataQuick Information Systems.
By Massimo Cibelli | January 16, 2008
The members of Back Pocket Memory, a five-piece alternative rock band, share a feeling that their sound is influenced by the changes in their lives, said singer Chris Pennington. “Especially for me, the changes that I have made in the past couple years are an inspiration to my lyrics,” he said. For guitarist Ian Felchlin, the closer the band gets to one another as time goes by, the more their music grows. “Personally, certain songs that I write are affected by the moods that I have gone through with my band,” he said.
By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | November 10, 2007
As I reached into my kitchen drawer last weekend, I found yet another curly straw shoved in among the utensils along with a handful of cheap, regular, plastic straws. These are a pet peeve of mine, as straws appear everywhere in my home — inside almost every cup my children use, on the bottom of my dishwasher, and shoved messily into drawers. They are often the cause of spills in my house as kids reach for them and they tip a cup over. My reaction as I saw this straw stuffed in my drawer was to pick it up and throw it away, being the nuisance that is was to me. I realize this may sound ridiculous to some of my readers.
By Rachel Kane | November 7, 2007
Howard Wan is a hard person to twirl. For one thing, he’s very tall. In most dance classes, the 41-year-old Pasadena resident would not be spinning around a high-shine, parquet floor with a wide smile on his face, dipping under the arm of a male partner. But the chance to do just that is what’s kept him coming to Shall We Dance, the Burbank-based ballroom dance class that caters to gays and lesbians, once a week for more than a month now, he said. Wan feels free to dip, pose and swirl in a way that only women do in other studios.
By Jeremy Oberstein | September 26, 2007
CITY HALL — The City Council unanimously denied an appeal Tuesday from a homeowner looking to nearly double the size of her Frederic Street home, much to the relief of some neighbors. Zahira Fazilat, owner of the Magnolia Park property, asked the council to reconsider a Planning Board decision that denied her the right to add a wing to her main house. Fazilat lives in Orange County and works in Burbank, but wants to move back to the home where she was raised to look after her 83-year-old mother, who lives there now. The main house is now flanked by a smaller, 265-square-foot bedroom that Fazilat has rented out in the past.
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