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June 12, 2012
A Southwest Airlines flight on its way to Bob Hope Airport in Burbank returned to Oakland on Tuesday morning as a precaution after a strong odor was reported in the passenger cabin. Brad Hawkins, an airline spokesman, told The Times that Flight 508 with 137 passengers and five crew members aboard circled back to Oakland International Airport shortly after taking off about 7 a.m. Hawkins said the aircraft landed safely and the passengers were transferred to another flight.
By Bryan Mahoney | March 6, 2012
Unfortunately, no one can be told what the parrots do. You have to see them for yourself. I drove Verdugo's wide lanes Thursday afternoon bopping along with David Lee Roth and his newly reunited Van Halen bandmates when a new sound clipped my ears. I turned down Diamond Dave and his advice to “stay frosty” (which I accomplished with a root beer) so I could better experience the cackling growing louder as Frederic Street neared. The sound was coming from a tree near the street corner, and the tree writhed as if caught in a light wind.
By Mark Kellam, | January 10, 2012
The decision by American Airlines to pull out of Bob Hope Airport might further harm an airfield that has been grappling with a yearlong slide in passenger numbers, which gained the notice of an important credit rating agency. American, which made up 7.5% of passenger traffic - roughly 3.9 million people - at Bob Hope from January to November 2011, will stop flying out of Burbank on Feb. 9, the airline announced Monday. American flies two to three flights a day out of Burbank, said airline spokesman Ed Martelle.
January 9, 2012
American Airlines , which filed for bankruptcy protection in November, is closing its operations at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank and ending flights from Dallas-Fort Worth to New Delhi . In addition to closing operations at those two airports, the airline said it plans to cut 150 positions. "Our objective is to make our company competitive and more efficient in an increasingly challenging industry," the airline said in a statement Monday. The flights from Bob Hope Airport will end Feb.
By Maria Hsin, | December 26, 2011
Burbank Police Sgt. Robert Quesada has always been fascinated with aviation and airports. “I knew Burbank had an air support unit,” Quesada said. “I said, 'You know, I want to fly, I would love to fly one day.'” Quesada would get his wish - more than once. For the third time in his 30 years with the department, Quesada has been assigned to air support. Since Nov. 1, the former department spokesman has served as the Officer in Charge for the air support unit for Burbank and Glendale police.
By Bill Kisiuk, | June 7, 2011
The number of passengers using Bob Hope Airport dropped in April as high fuel prices spurred airlines to raise fares and reduce service to common destinations. The number of commercial travelers arriving or departing from Burbank fell by 5.2% in April compared to the same period a year earlier, according to an airport report. It is the second consecutive month passenger figures dipped below projections. Airlines have cut back on the number of flights into and out of the facility as they counter rising fuel prices by ensuring planes operate near seating capacity.
By Gretchen Meier, | April 5, 2011
Only a handful of Southwest Airlines flights out of Bob Hope Airport have been cancelled since one of the airline’s planes ripped open mid-flight in route from Phoenix to Sacramento. The airline voluntarily removed 79 of the 171 Boeing 737-300 aircraft in its fleet from service on Saturday to complete full inspections. The inspections resulted in eight cancelled flights from the Burbank airport. Boeing’s 737-700 model, a different version of the plane, is in primary use there.
February 28, 2011
Lawmakers in Washington, D.C., have grounded one effort to create a hard curfew on night flights out of Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, so local representatives have introduced the same rules as a stand-alone piece of legislation.
By Christopher Cadelago | April 24, 2010
AIRPORT DISTRICT ? Southwest Airlines, which accounts for two-thirds of passenger traffic at Bob Hope Airport, will phase out 12% of its weekly flights by September, airport officials said. The carrier?s decision to trim 82 flights from its weekly schedule is expected to further decrease already-declining passenger numbers at the commuter hub. The drop from 712 to 630 weekly flights will mean a 6% reduction in the total weekly flights leaving the airport. The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority this week presented the proposal to airport commissioners.
By Christopher Cadelago | March 18, 2010
AIRPORT DISTRICT — Five months after federal officials rejected a nine-year, multimillion-dollar application for nighttime flight restrictions, Bob Hope Airport officials on Monday announced plans to possibly switch the current curfew from voluntary to mandatory. Joyce Streator, president of the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority, made the announcement, saying the authority has begun discussions with airlines on converting the existing voluntary nighttime curfew between 10 p.m. and 6:59 a.m. into a permanent mandatory restriction for all passenger air carriers.
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