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August 31, 2002
The 1770s, 1860s and 1960 are now ancient history, and this is probably not the resurrection or the second coming of George Washington, honest Abe Lincoln or Bobby Kennedy. But two of our local politicians are making all the right moves for our community and our children. These two Yankee Doodle good guys, who are serving our neighborhoods so well, do not wear white cowboy hats or ride painted ponies. And because they don't, and because it is very often difficult for voters to recognize hard-working elected officials, I feel these politicians should receive a little praise from us parents.
April 17, 2010
For all of my life, America has been the wealthiest and most stable nation in the world. Our economic leadership has allowed us to spend more on our universities and our military, our hospitals and our space program. Other nations stockpile reserves of dollars in order to back up their own currencies, strengthening the dollar, while our economic power allows us to borrow money inexpensively and invest in the remarkable creativity of our people. Unfortunately, our central role in the world economy is not guaranteed, and our economy is the weakest it has been in a generation.
August 3, 2002
Laura Sturza Worried that the city will be left without protection against expansion at the Burbank- Glendale-Pasadena Airport if Measure A is deemed illegal, the city is developing a special ordinance to limit growth. It would act as a stop-gap protection if Measure A -- a voter-approved initiative that limits flight times and expansion -- is thrown out at a hearing scheduled for Aug. 23, said Peter Kirsch, the city's special counsel on airport issues.
By Daniel Siegal, | November 16, 2013
At Burbank City Hall Wednesday night, aspiring legislators polled the public on potential bills to bring to Sacramento next year - but these policymakers had to finish their high-school homework first. Student delegates from the Burbank YMCA's Youth & Government program held their Bill Hearing Night to get public input on potential legislative ideas to pick a bill that they will bring to the capital for the program's statewide conference in February. The leading bill idea right now - which just barely failed in a 20-22 vote - is a take on school vouchers.
By Zain Shauk | January 26, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security could be pouring as much as $30 million into efforts to “fingerprint” nuclear material under a bill by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) that passed Congress on Thursday. The bill, which is awaiting President Obama’s signature, recommends the department create a National Technical Nuclear Forensics Center to focus on tracking material that terrorists could use in nuclear weapons. The tracking technology should help fill in the gap between nation-based nuclear warheads and the possibility of terrorist-based attacks not tied to any one government, which would make tracing the origin of the material much more difficult, Schiff said.
By Zain Shauk | November 12, 2008
For 80-year-old Korean War veteran Ray Ackerman, Tuesday’s Veterans Day ceremony at McCambridge Park wasn’t as much about others remembering his service as it was about his being proud of it. “I love the military,” the retired Army corporal said as he listened to the Burbank Community Band play an armed forces medley. “I’m very proud of being in the uniform.” With the memorial going on across the street from his apartment, the retired corporal donned his complete Army dress uniform for the event.
November 15, 2012
In a surprise announcement Thursday, IKEA announced plans to go ahead with a new store in Burbank that will be nearly twice the size of its current location. The new store - if approved by the city - would be open in 2016 and be built on 22 acres west of San Fernando Boulevard and south of Providencia Avenue, less than one mile from the current location, according to the company. “Because of this store's success, we are excited about the opportunity to build upon our established presence in Burbank with a new, roomier store so close to the existing one, and in the same city,” IKEA U.S. president Mike Ward said in a statement.
By Zain Shauk | August 26, 2009
SOUTH GLENDALE ? Frustrated auto dealers struggled with the overwhelmed ?cash for clunkers? online system Monday, scrambling to remain eligible to receive rebates for cars sold under the federal program. Dealers feared that missing the deadline could cost them tens of thousands of dollars in losses for cars they had already moved off their lots, but had yet to register into the system. Worries about potentially lost rebates spurred a nationwide frenzy to access the Internet portal for the Car Allowance Recovery System, which was so overloaded in advance of the government?
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