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December 4, 2012
Walmart officials on Tuesday said they will take their case for starting construction on a new store in Burbank to a state appellate court after a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge ruled he doesn't have jurisdiction to hear the appeal. Walmart has been fighting an injunction preventing work on a new store adjacent to the Empire Center in Burbank. The injunction also forced the city of Burbank to suspend its approval of building permits pending a trial. A Superior Court judge ruled on Thursday, though, that he did not have jurisdiction over the appeal to the injunction.
By Daniel Siegal, | November 9, 2013
A ruling that slammed the brakes on efforts to bring a Walmart to the city will not be appealed by city officials. But Walmart officials said Friday they do plan to file an appeal. The ruling handed down by Judge Allan J. Goodman in September rescinded the building permits issued for the former Great Indoors store adjacent to the Empire Center, in which Walmart planned to open a store. During closed session on Tuesday, Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy, Vice-Mayor Dave Gordon and Councilman Bob Frutos voted not to appeal Goodman's ruling, while council members Jess Talamantes and Gary Bric voted to file an appeal.
October 22, 2013
With all of the pending development in the city (the proposed hotels downtown, the expansion of the airport terminal, Talaria at Burbank, the vacant Osh store), I encourage every interested resident to read the L.A. Superior Court's final ruling on Ingalsbee, etc. v. City of Burbank and Walmart Stores, Inc. It can be found online. Whether you were for or against a Walmart at the former location of the Great Indoors , it is worth noting that the judge found that “the City has proceeded in a manner not authorized by law, failed to conduct any environmental assessment when the facts and circumstances clearly require at least an initial inquiry, and failed to exercise its discretion when clearly required to do so as to specific elements of the proposed development.” The ruling also states that “The failure to carry out the specified roadway improvements [at the Empire Center development]
September 16, 2011
After weeks of local fretting - or anticipation, depending on which side of the fence you're on - Walmart has confirmed that it plans to move into the former Great Indoors site adjacent to the Empire Center. When the move will occur, and in what form the store will take, remains to be seen; company representatives say plans are still preliminary. It's in this stage of the game that Burbank residents should get involved. With the question of whether a Walmart is or isn't a good fit for Burbank apparently moot, the game now turns to one of design.
July 22, 2011
Walmart is the biggest and strongest department store in the world. And we could see it in Burbank soon (“Walmart to engage community,” July 20). It will have its good and bad effects on our community. After the public's swift and blistering reaction online to news that Walmart may move into the Great Indoors store next to the Empire Center, a “No Wal Mart in Burbank” page on Facebook was created. I and lots of people joined this page to share our opinions and suggestions.
January 7, 2014
It's ironic that people, like those opposed to Walmart, complain about how Walmart hurts the small business sector causing closings and empty buildings in cities and creating more traffic problems and harming the environment. Well, Burbank is slowly accumulating empty buildings around town and Walmart has nothing to do with it. As a matter of fact, the store would actually reduce the number of empty buildings in town if only it was allowed to occupy the Great Indoors building as intended.
By Mark Kellam, | November 28, 2012
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge on Wednesday said he may not have jurisdiction over an appeal of an injunction that has blocked construction of a Walmart adjacent to the Empire Center in Burbank. “Once the notice of appeal has been filed, things like moving to modify or dissolve can no longer be heard [in this court]. Otherwise, that would interrupt the appeal,” Judge Robert O'Brien said in the downtown L.A. courtroom. An appeal is generally heard in a court of appeals.
September 26, 2012
A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge on Wednesday gave attorneys for the city of Burbank and Walmart four more months to prepare their defense against a lawsuit filed to block the mega-retailer from opening adjacent to the Empire Center. The additional time could further delay Walmart's plans to open at the former Great Indoors site, where no work has been allowed since a court-ordered injunction was issued last month. “I'm not in a hurry anymore. Everybody's gotten over being in a hurry,” said Superior Court Judge Ann I. Jones after the attorneys made their request.
November 21, 2001
Karen S. Kim MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- Retailers in the 103-acre Burbank Empire Center have been progressively opening their doors over the past two months, just in time for the approaching holiday shopping season. But they're not done yet. Nearly 25 businesses are still scheduled to open before the retail portion of the $250-million center is complete. One is the much-awaited Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, opening Dec. 11. "We think this is a terrific community for Krispy Kreme," said Richard Reinis, chief executive officer for corporate parent Great Circle Family Foods.
October 4, 2003
Molly Shore Members of the Burbank Advisory Council on Disabilities have compiled a list of obstacles they say challenge disabled people attempting to shop or dine at the Burbank Empire Center. According to Janet Diel, chairwoman of the advisory council's Barrier Committee, the panel has noted several different obstructions they say need to be corrected by the developer of the nearly 1.3-million-square-foot shopping center. "Beginning at the Great Indoors, the parking and walkway areas onto the sidewalk leading to Best Buy present challenges for the blind and for people in wheelchairs because trees and planters in this area are impediments to safely crossing through the area," Diel said at the advisory council's Sept.
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