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Green Revolution

February 18, 2009
Post office is a staple of the community The Magnolia Park Post Office must be saved (“Post office is being shipped,” Saturday). This post office is one of the great things about living in Burbank; it works very well and contributes to our quality of life here. The service is efficient and courteous, the postal workers remember clients’ names, the facility is clean, the machines work, and the forms are stocked. This is not true of other regional post offices, and those issues are not improved at the other post offices by simply remodeling.
By Christopher Cadelago | March 28, 2009
After 16 years on the council, Mayor Dave Golonski can’t go a few blocks without passing a project he helped shape. “I get great satisfaction seeing Burbank be successful,” Golonski said. “It’s fulfilling driving by the Buena Vista Library and seeing it full all the time, seeing neighbors that use the park, the tot lot. It doesn’t get old.” Nevertheless, Golonski has said that a fifth term would likely be his last on the council. “I anticipate being ready to move on after that,” he said.
March 28, 2009
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a local grad The article you wrote on Kelly Blatz was something everyone would be interested to read (“Channeling his superpower,” March 14). It lets people know that the Toon Disney channel is changing to Disney XD and is more for boys ages 6 to 14 and also for girls who like action. It lets people also know how amazing it is that so many young teens from our local areas are becoming famous. It seems like most of the local actors now are from Burbank High.
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