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By Christine Putnam | December 6, 2008
Since everyone has been asking me about President-elect Barack Obama’s favorite foods, I thought this might be the right time to mention a few favorites. In fact, this is the perfect occasion to discuss Mexican food since it seems to be the one cuisine (and subject) that both President Bush and Barack Obama agree on. Of course, no one can start researching any topic, especially food, on an empty stomach. So I stopped by Alambres Fresh Mexican Grill in Burbank. And I brought along my favorite research assistant, my mom (she also works for free)
By Michael J. Arvizu | June 24, 2009
Several years ago, while working in east Los Angeles, Sue Georgino used her trained palate to identify the genuine Mexican cuisine the neighborhood has become known for. “I think it’s about how everything is freshly made salsas, freshly made guacamole,” said Georgino, community development director. “It’s not over-cheesed, and the beans taste like they are not coming out of a can.” Add fresh, homemade tortillas, and the stage is set for a delicious meal, she said.
By: Mark R. Madler | October 1, 2005
The line at the Tony Roma's table extended out 10 feet, hands down the longest at Thursday night's second annual Taste of Burbank. And those hands would have been streaked with the barbecue sauce from the chicken legs and ribs being served by restaurant employees. Arleta resident Mike Shanto was among those who lined up for a sampling of Roma's fare. "I love the food and I love the city and the music," Shanto said. San Fernando Boulevard between Orange Grove Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard was closed down for the event.
By Phillip Hain | January 2, 2010
On a corner of a mixed residential and commercial section in north Burbank sits a nondescript Cuban restaurant named La Bamba. It might be the ultimate “don’t judge a book by its cover” establishment, but stop if you’re in the neighborhood or make it a destination because the outward appearance is deceiving. Although the eating area is covered, the feeling is more open air. The only barrier separating you from the outside is the plastic “shower curtains” (endearingly described by Corky, our delightful server)
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