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Hand Held Cameras

September 5, 2009
Roughly speaking I’ve been a union man most of my life, and generally I support their aims, but the recent spate of public pension allowances have lost the unions’ sense of perspective. The city of Los Angeles currently has 600 retirees collecting more than $100,000 a year public pensions, and that doesn’t even include the Department of Water and Power, which consistently has higher-paid employees than City Hall. Have we lost it? Now let’s hear it for Gov. Schwarzenegger.
By Christopher Cadelago | July 15, 2009
BURBANK — Kevin Muldoon, a longtime City Hall critic, is scheduled to appear Thursday in Burbank Municipal Court for filming without permission, the first violation since the city’s film permit policies were amended in January. The misdemeanor charges stem from a May 1 incident at Bob’s Big Boy where he and Steve Schuneman were capturing footage for their website, , a collection of uploaded and streaming video of unusual automobiles and the stories behind them.
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