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Hash Browns

April 5, 2000
Katie O'Brien, Enjoy! TUJUNGA -- BJ's Family Restaurant has been what one might call an institution of Tujunga offering excellent food, fast service and reasonable prices for more than 40 years. BJ's advertised weekly specials are the Dinner Special featuring steak, soup or salad and dessert for $5.49, and served from 4 to 9 p.m. and the Breakfast Special of two eggs and bacon or sausage, hash browns, toast and coffee for $3.25, served between 6 and 11 a.m. I visited BJ's on the weekend with my family and ordered the Sunday special of roast leg of lamb with mint sauce, choice of potatoes, soup or salad, corn, garlic bread and dessert for $6.25.
By Donna Huffaker Evans | July 4, 2009
Diners are the kind of eateries that appeal to the masses — folks looking for home-style cooking at an affordable price, parties of one who prefer the counter space for easier newspaper perusal and the bedraggled likes of those who over-indulged the night before, looking for the perfect greasy dish to sop up their alcoholic excess. You don’t have to drive too far around Glendale or Burbank to spot these greasy spoons, a distinction more charming than disparaging in today’s culinary terminology.
By Bill Scollon | April 15, 2006
I'm not sure where it was on the road of life that I got the idea that health food stores were full of things that didn't taste very good and should be avoided. But I do know where I was when I found out how wrong I was ? the Full O'Life Health Food Market and Restaurant in Burbank. Maybe I confused health food with foul-tasting diet food. Whatever. All I can tell you is that I feel like I've made a new friend, though I'm admittedly late to the party. Full O'Life has been a part of the community since 1959, making it one of the first natural food stores in the region.
By Bill Scollon | July 8, 2006
Salerno's Italian Café on Riverside Drive in Burbank specializes in satisfying the lunchtime cravings of the denizens of nearby studios and offices. But its menu extends beyond office hours, offering both breakfast and dinner. The breakfast menu is topped by a terrific breakfast combo burrito. Egg, cheese, hash browns and three meats ? ham, bacon and sausage ? are rolled up in a soft tortilla and served with salsa. Very tasty and so much meat inside that dogs began to howl when I bit into it. (I'm not kidding!
By By Bill Scollon | November 12, 2005
dineThe era of the classic stainless-steel diner is long gone. The emergence of fast-food restaurants in the 1960s drove them out of business. But the Coral Café has steadfastly maintained the spirit of the diner since 1957. The Coral's 16-page menu is impressive and daunting. It's the kind of menu that makes you re-think your order. When you came in, you thought you wanted a salad. But those pancakes sound good. And what about the beef burrito? Or the fried clams? Once you settle on a selection, don't go anywhere because you're likely to get it fast.
By Tom Grove | July 11, 2009
If you are looking for a place that you can take your family out for breakfast, get an enormous amount of food and not have to spend a fortune doing so, Eat’n Park is your solution. Located in Burbank on West Victory Boulevard, a stone’s throw from Buena Vista Street, Eat’n Park boasts “The Best Omelets in Burbank” and “Fresh Homestyle Cooking.” And I am here to vouch for both of those statements. For all that the restaurant lacks in exterior and interior decoration, this old-time, greasy-spoon-style diner more than makes up for in portion size.
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