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By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | November 15, 2008
Thanksgiving comes late this year, which gives us an extra week to contemplate what we are truly thankful for. It is effortless to think of the obvious things — our spouse, our children, food, a home, medical insurance and the like. Then there are more specific items, perhaps a new job, a promotion or a new car. But do we take the time to be thankful for our trials? Those seasons of life that develop our character or change our outlook on life. Do we recognize that the painful times can actually heal us of wounds that we have harbored since childhood?
By Joyce Rudolph | December 8, 2007
A mother and daughter have found a healing experience singing with the Burbank Chorale. Jenna Mathioudakis always sang in school choir programs while growing up in Burbank and started performing with the Bronx Opera Company in New York in 1999. But in 2001, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, ending her stint with the company and bringing her back home, said her mother, Dorothy Mathious. Since going into remission in 2003, Mathioudakis began vocalizing and little by little started getting her voice back, she said.
By Joyce Rudolph | October 10, 2007
A fluffy white bichon frise-poodle mix hopped into Frank McCraven’s lap as he sat in a wheelchair just outside his room at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. Beau gazed up appreciatively at McCraven, who scratched his back. It was obvious the two had immediately connected. McCraven had a visit from a golden retriever the day before, but this was the first time Beau and his owner, Maureen Walsh, of Glendale, had stopped by for a visit. They spend two Saturdays a month visiting patients as volunteers with the medical center’s Pets With Purpose program.
By Rachel Kane | October 10, 2007
Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center will open a new healing facility next week, but not the kind that sets broken bones or stitches wounds. The Healing Gardens, a 25,000-square-foot lounging area at the heart of the hospital’s campus, is set to heal the souls of the hospital’s patrons and staff. It includes two koi ponds, shady sitting spots, an outdoor cafe eating area and a meditative walking path and is a part of the $151.7-million building project for the northeast tower at the hospital.
May 5, 2007
"Snow Cake" is a character-driven movie in which director Marc Evans and screenwriter Angela Pell succeed on many levels. Evans allows his talented actors to take their time with their character development and screenwriter Pell keeps her story flowing effortlessly forward. Alex (Alan Rickman) is traveling by car through Ontario, Canada, when he meets a peculiar young hitchhiker while sitting in a diner having a meal. At first, Alex refuses to give Vivienne (Emily Hampshire) a ride; but once in his car, he has second thoughts and decides to give the chatty young woman a lift.
By Chris Wiebe | November 15, 2006
BURBANK — Three years ago today Burbank Police Officer Matthew Pavelka was killed during a drug-related shooting and his partner, Officer Greg Campbell, still deals day-to-day with the injuries he sustained that day. The man charged with murdering Pavelka, and attempting to murder Campbell, 22-year-old David Garcia, remains in state custody awaiting trial. Pavelka was killed during a shootout in the parking lot of a Ramada Inn when he was called in as back-up on a vehicle stop.
By Lauren Hilgers | April 26, 2006
It may have been in slow motion; it may have been just part of practice, but when Tammy Johnston first started taking kung fu in Burbank, she cringed at every feigned kick and slow-moving fist. "At first, you do sets," Johnston said. "No matter how slowly we did them, I would hold my breath and close my eyes." Eventually, however, Johnston began to keep her eyes open, and the classes began to help her recover from a past of domestic abuse. Now, Johnston is using her experience to give back to other abuse victims ?
January 4, 2006
Enterprise Rent-A-Car recently named Sean Perez as the new area rental manager for North Hollywood, Glendale and Universal City. Perez will manage and train 25 employees for four Enterprise stores and three satellite locations. Perez began his career with Enterprise in 2000 and worked as manager trainee, assistant manager, corporate sales manager and branch manager. Perez earned a bachelor of arts in English and ethnic studies from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Enterprise has annual revenues of more than $7.4 billion.
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