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Hearing Aids

By Rachel Kane | November 3, 2007
BURBANK — A new amplification system is saving teachers’ voices this year at Luther Burbank Middle School. Lightspeed, the name of the system, works by using a wireless microphone around a teacher’s neck to project the teacher’s voice through four speakers at each corner of the classroom. Teachers have used the system — which costs about $1,000 to $1,500 to install in each classroom — at John Muir Middle School since the campus piloted the system for the district last February.
By Chris Wiebe | September 27, 2006
CIVIC CENTER DISTRICT — When lifelong Burbank resident Court Warner decided to switch his career to audiology after working for 19 years in the banking industry, hearing loss was something he had dealt with for most of his life. At 2 years old, Warner was involved in a car accident that left him severely hearing impaired. The man who fitted Warner for his first hearing aid, Kenneth Baird, was an audiologist and owner of what is now the Burbank Hearing Aid Center, which Warner would purchase years later, in 1989.
November 28, 2009
POSTER CONTEST SPONSORED BY BURBANK NOON LIONS CLUB While students in Germany celebrated the 20th anniversary of the destruction of the Berlin Wall, Burbank students were sharing their images of world peace as part of the Burbank Noon Lions International Peace Poster Contest award ceremony. The 14th annual contest is open to middle school students, and those selected were from John Muir, Jordan and Luther Burbank middle schools along with middle school students at the Boys & Girls Club of Burbank.
February 19, 2005
The Burbank Kiwanis for Fun Club in coordination with the Burbank Center for the Retarded sponsored the chartering of Burbank's newest service club, the Aktion Club of Burbank on Jan. 20 at Genio's Restaurant. Donna Wade, president of the Burbank Kiwanis for Fun, welcomed members, friends and family to this special event. Lt. Gov. Doug Ridnor of the Kiwanis Division 16 presided over the installation of the club's charter officers. They are President Michael Piccirillo, Vice President Helen Lopez, Secretary Karen Young and Treasurer Sandy Saenz.
By Isabel Adams | January 16, 2010
Most of the service clubs spent December spreading cheer and extending a helping hand to those in need. ? BURBANK OPTIMISTS The members of the Burbank Optimist Club adopted a family and provided them with baskets loaded with gifts as well as food. They gathered at their Dec. 10 meeting to put it all together so it could be delivered. They were assisted by new member Janet Diel and her husband and son. Janet is a former member, and the Optimists are happy to welcome her back into the fold.
May 25, 2002
Assembly Bill 2115 seeks nothing more or less than to ban the use of derogatory, ethnically themed names for school teams and mascots. Permitting publicly funded schools to perpetuate such a shameful practice constitutes no less than an endorsement of prejudice. Writing in the May 8 edition of the Burbank Leader, Denny Grossman laments that AB 2115 would put an end to the John Burroughs High School Indians in 2003 (in fact, the bill calls for new names and mascots to be phased in gradually to minimize the economic impact.
By Isabel Adams | July 17, 2010
Burbank Noon Lions club offers two important programs for low-income individuals living in the city. Over the past year, eye exams and glasses with a market value of more than $2,600 have been provided to several qualifying Burbank residents. The second program is for free hearing aids, again for low-income individuals meeting the qualifications. Four individuals were referred to the California Lions Club "Hearing Foundation" to take advantage of this social service. With a market value of more than $6,000, Burbank Noon Lions Club is the only volunteer service organization offering and coordinating the free hearing aid service for Burbank residents.
June 29, 2002
BITS AND PIECES I just finished reading a book that I would not ordinarily think of reading. The subject matter was not something that interested me, but I respect the author and I played a small part in his story. Joseph Wambaugh's "Fire Lover" is the story of John Orr, a Glendale Fire captain who was convicted of setting a number of devastating fires in this area. At the time when the search for the person who was starting all these fires was underway, I was a member of the Crescenta Valley Sheriff's Station's Arson Patrol.
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