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By Christopher Cadelago | October 9, 2009
A flock of animal-rights activists dressed as chickens descended Tuesday on NBC Studios to shame Jay Leno into dropping McDonald’s from a planned promotion. Flapping their wings and hoisting signs that read “McDonald’s: Nothing But Cruelty,” and “McCruelty: I’m Hatin’ It,” protesters with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals lined a stretch of Bob Hope Drive as “The Jay Leno Show” prepared to unveil a promotion for McDonald’s Monopoly contest.
By Christopher Cadelago | June 19, 2010
DOWNTOWN — As U.S. lawmakers continue to take Turkey to task for its support of an aid flotilla to the Gaza Strip, Rep. Adam Schiff is seizing on the discontent to garner more support for his long-stalled resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. Fear of angering Turkey, a strategic military ally in the Middle East, has long stood in the way of Congress officially recognizing the 1915 massacre of 1.5 million Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide. But since Turkey has refused to back down from efforts to send supplies to Israel's Gaza Strip, a new crop of U.S. lawmakers say they may now support the Affirmation of the U.S. Record on the Armenian Genocide.
February 21, 2014
The small European country of Belgium is in the news after its parliament voted to remove age restrictions from the country's euthanasia laws. If King Philippe signs the bill into law, it means children will be eligible for euthanasia. Belgium has allowed euthanasia since 2002. One of the provisions in the law is that it only applies to those in "constant and unbearable physical or mental suffering that cannot be alleviated. " The removal of age restrictions does mean more safeguards, including that the child is judged able to understand what euthanasia means.
By Jeff Tully, | October 22, 2010
BURBANK — Emily Tubert is having the time of her life. In the midst of her freshman season at the University of Arkansas, Tubert — who graduated from Burroughs High in May — is enjoying success with the Razorbacks women's golf team. "Working with my teammates and the coaches has just been a awesome experience," Tubert said. "I just love it here and I'm really enjoying competing and traveling with the team. " Earning accolades is something that Tubert has received a great deal of since picking up the sport a few years ago. She earned another prestigious honor Wednesday, when she was named to the Rolex Junior All-America First Team.
December 4, 1999
Irma Lemus HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- Four-year-old Sarah Rolat enjoyed the lighting of the menorah and the treats, but for her the best part of Hanukkah is the gifts. Getting a jump on the official start of Hanukkah -- which began at sundown Friday -- Sarah and her classmates at Burbank Temple Emanu El preschool began their celebration Friday morning. The children sang songs, made paper crowns and ate traditional holiday foods such as latkes, or potato pancakes, and jelly doughnuts.
By Alison Tully | June 4, 2008
Adriana Alvarenga fidgeted with her cap and gown in anxious anticipation for the Burbank Adult School graduation ceremony to begin on Wednesday. “I am so happy to finish. I’ve come a long way,” said Alvarenga, who received her high-school diploma and last month was inducted into the school’s Honor Society. After attending Eagle Rock High School for three years, she dropped out to help support her family. Now, with graduation certificate in hand, she plans to start classes in September at Glendale Community College.
October 28, 2000
Important evidence of Rep. James Rogan's extremism has been hiding in a Congress subcommittee, no doubt to keep it from spurring election-year arguments. It'll come back out, though if the religious right gains big in November. A year ago, a constitutional amendment was reintroduced in the House of Representatives to much hoopla with Mr. Rogan as co-sponsor. It would effectively eliminate the separation of church and state given us by the 1st Amendment.
February 2, 2002
Molly Shore BURBANK -- In his freshman year at UC Berkeley, Burbank resident Kenneth William Wainwright Jr. brokered a sometimes uneasy truce between two of his roommates -- one was Muslim and the other, Jewish. Thrust into the role as peacemaker, Wainwright's interest was sparked in Middle Eastern studies. Later this year, he will pursue that interest abroad as a recipient of the Marshall Scholarship. It is awarded annually to no more than 40 top U.S. collegians.
October 30, 2004
Mark R. Madler The Republican challenger to incumbent Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Burbank) is seeking to bring better representation to the 27th District that will secure the country's borders to make the country safer. Robert M. Levy, an attorney, also said that if elected Nov. 2 he will do a better job of working with Democrats to bring money back to the district. "Partisanship should stop with national security," Levy said at a recent candidates' forum.
September 5, 2001
Karen S. Kim HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- Rabbi Paula Reimers hopes Burbank residents can learn a lot from teenagers in war-torn countries overseas. Burbank Temple Emanu El will present a program Saturday night that begins with the showing of a video of teens who participated in Seeds of Peace summer camp, a Maine camp that brings kids together from warring regions like Israel and Palestine to learn about conflict resolution. "We need to learn to live together no matter how difficult that is, starting with these kids," Reimers said.
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