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John Dilibert

March 3, 2001
Tim Willert MAGNOLIA PARK -- Two burglary suspects might have avoided arrest if they had only kept their mouths shut. But the 25-year-old Whittier man -- Enrique Adame -- and a 15-year-old Los Angeles boy were taken into custody about 11:30 p.m. Thursday after Burbank police questioned them for allegedly disturbing the peace at Carl's Jr. in the 500 block of Hollywood Way. "They asked for free food and were asked...
February 5, 2003
Ryan Carter The arrest of a North Hollywood woman has police concerned about where she received several counterfeit bills. Burbank Police arrested Fanny Gallegos, 32, at Sears in the Media City Center after she allegedly tried to pass a $100 bill while buying computer printer cartridges. The cashier became suspicious of the bill and called security, Police Sgt. John Dilibert said. During a consent search at her car, local police found seven counterfeit $100 bills and enough marijuana to consider it possession for sales, Dilibert said.
June 4, 2003
Tim Willert Dissention among members of a local Syrian church has caught the attention of Burbank Police. Six officers and a supervisor, in response to reports of verbal confrontations between congregation members, monitored Sunday's service at St. Ephraim Syrian Orthodox Church at 900 N. Glenoaks Blvd. "There was a potential that it could have become confrontational," Lt. John Dilibert said. "We just thought we'd better have some guys out there."
December 30, 2000
Jenna Bordelon MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- Police and a team of crisis response officers surrounded a hotel after employees reported hearing cries for help from the fourth floor. Quondon Clay, 40, of Los Angeles was arrested Thursday on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and felony spousal abuse. Fourth-floor Ramada Inn Burbank guests were evacuated as officers armed with ballistic shields, flexible baton guns and shotguns convinced Clay and his girlfriend to come out. A housekeeper told police Clay had put her in a headlock and tried to choke her. Police said Clay also grabbed his girlfriend, who had bruises on her neck.
December 16, 2000
Lolita Harper MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- A man and a woman were arrested Thursday on suspicion of grand theft auto after leading police on a 40-minute chase that started in Burbank and ended in Reseda. Marcus Bryer, 22, and Shayla West, 24, both from Reseda, allegedly were driving a 1994 Chevy S10 truck southbound on San Fernando Boulevard at 2:42 a.m. when they refused to pull over for minor traffic violations, Sgt. John Dilibert said. Burbank officer Fernando Rojas ran the license plates on the truck and learned it had been reported stolen from Santa Clarita.
February 27, 2002
Ryan Carter BURBANK -- Authorities are cracking down on some Internet and tabloid ads, which, under the guise of offering services such as massages, are fronts for prostitution, police said. "We don't have people hanging out on street corners," Burbank Police Sgt. John Dilibert said, but at the same time, the department has been receiving complaints. "We have seen a slight increase in this type of stuff," Dilibert said. Dilibert said online and tabloid ads promising escort or massage services are catering to people in the area.
June 2, 2001
Lolita Harper BURBANK -- The term "undercover" takes on a whole new meaning when the only thing covering a police officer is a towel. Over the past month, Burbank vice squad officers have made a concentrated effort to crack down on prostitution in Burbank by targeting businesses that advertise "personal massages" on the Internet or in magazines, Burbank Police Sgt. John Dilibert said. While posing as customers, officers investigated whether the masseuses offered sex in addition to rubdowns, police said.
January 5, 2002
Ryan Carter LOS ANGELES -- A 22-month-old Burbank boy remained in intensive care Friday after being injured in a car crash that killed his mother. Melissa Perez, 21, was killed Tuesday in Sun Valley when a man accused of driving under the influence of drugs crashed into her car. Perez graduated from Burbank High School in 1998. The boy, Alex Gonzalez, suffered bruises to his lungs and brain. Doctors were monitoring some minor bleeding in his brain, hospital officials said.
June 9, 2001
Lolita Harper HILLSIDE DISTRICT -- A Burbank man and his juvenile friend, also of Burbank, were arrested Wednesday after they allegedly burglarized the apartment of a classmate. Arthur Vardapetyan, 19, and his 17-year-old friend, whose name was not released because of his age, were arrested after the victim of their alleged crime recognized them as they walked out of the apartment complex. The victim told police he saw the two in the parking structure of his apartment building carrying a large bag filled with items, Burbank Police Sgt. John Dilibert said.
April 9, 2012
A North Hollywood man was arrested Friday night in Burbank after he allegedly fired about seven shots near Verdugo Avenue and Hollywood Way, police said. Several callers reported two men engaged in an argument in the Del Taco parking lot on the 3700 block of Verdugo, Lt. John Dilibert said. At around 11:30 p.m., a witness reported hearing a string of gunshots or fireworks in the area, Dilibert said. Police confirmed about seven shots were fired after expended cartridge cases were found.
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