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Kate Hudson

By Mary Burkin | October 8, 2008
The experts say schizophrenia has two kinds of symptoms ? positive and negative. It?s this definition of split personality that explains why ?My Best Friend?s Girl? is a deeply twisted, funny film. On the positive side, some of the scenes in this movie are so wildly, cleverly and deliberately tasteless that anyone who isn?t dead yet might fall out of their seat, unable to catch a breath between huge guffaws. Dane Cook might have been so-so in his earlier comedies, but this time, he?
June 2, 2004
Kathleen Marcellino of Burbank is a retired property manager. And so another machine-tooled "chick flick" plops off the production line. "Raising Helen" looks to be a charming comedy with virtuous people doing praiseworthy things despite life's difficulties. But it turns into an anemic comical drama, with the feeling of having been there, seen that, got the T-shirt and thrown it away. There's no doubting Kate Hudson's arresting smile as she alternately sobs with despair and laughs with triumph as Helen Harris, a high-powered personal assistant to the boss (the unfailingly forceful Helen Mirren)
July 26, 2006
Don't be lured into seeing this "You, Me and Dupree" unless you are a film-lover with infinite patience for flaws. The film has been billed as a delightful romance, a date movie, something to make you laugh. It isn't. I don't know why Hollywood thinks they must make movies about couples so depressing. Even if romance is on the rocks these days, we still might like an escape from bickering and passive-aggressive behavior on the screen. This is a story about Dupree, played by Owen Wilson.
March 3, 2001
Tim Willert MEDIA DISTRICT NORTH -- This Actor is a heavyweight. And although this Actor has never worked, he is highly coveted -- by real actors. Foundry workers, surrounded by TV cameras and reporters, brought the pint-size Actor and about 20 clones to life on Thursday by pouring 2,100-degree molten bronze into ceramic shell molds. About 40 of the solid bronze statuettes, which stand 16 inches tall and weigh 12 pounds, will be handed out March 11 during the seventh annual Screen Actors Guild Awards show at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium.
By: | August 24, 2005
{LDQUO}The Skeleton Key" is a classy horror film that relies as much on a clever screenplay and skillful acting performances as it does on the standard, tried-and-true shock effects that one generally associates with films of this type. Much of the gritty horror is in the setting, a down-at-the-heels antebellum mansion in the dark, swampy backwoods of Louisiana with slouching magnolias lining a country road that leads to heaven knows where. Kate Hudson is a young hospice worker sent to this creepy place to help the elderly Mr. Devereaux (John Hurt)
By Phillip Hain | January 17, 2009
We?ve all had the unfortunate experience of watching a trailer or television commercial for an upcoming movie that intrigued us enough to want to see it ? only to be disappointed by the final result. That will most likely be your assessment if you venture out to ?Bride Wars? because it can only be described as contrived, predictable and unfunny. There have been many pre-wedding movies over the last dozen years and the success of some has caused ambitious producers to keep trying for the magical formula, but it doesn?
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