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By Alene Tchekmedyian, | February 15, 2013
A convicted pimp has filed a $2.9-million lawsuit against the Burbank Police Department and the city claiming false imprisonment and racial profiling stemming from charges filed against him more than two years ago that were eventually dismissed. In November 2010, Odonga Rush, 41, was charged with two counts of identity theft and one count of forging a public seal, but the charges were eventually dismissed. In the lawsuit - filed Jan. 30 in U.S. District Court - Rush claims that Burbank police approached him “without probable cause” while he was in his car at a hotel.
By Daniel Siegal, | June 29, 2013
An injunction that had prevented Walmart from starting work on a new store adjacent to the Empire Center has been lifted, but the outcome of a lawsuit filed by three residents to force a number of street improvements before a store can open looms on the horizon. On Wednesday, a state appellate court lifted an injunction issued by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge in August 2012 that halted construction on a new Walmart until the outcome of the lawsuit filed in May 2012. In an email Thursday, Walmart spokeswoman Rachel Hall said that despite the lifting of the injunction, the retailer was awaiting a verdict in the lawsuit, which claims city officials erred in granting building permits for the store because they did not adequately address traffic and parking impacts to the surrounding area.
By Mary O’Keefe | June 20, 2009
GLENDALE — The serving of a lawsuit against state Sen. Carol Liu’s district director at her workplace last week was nothing more than a “bigoted publicity stunt,” the Council of American-Islamic Relations said Monday. Tahra Goraya, a former national director for the council, was served with the suit in her Glendale office. The federal lawsuit, filed in Washington, D.C., claims the Council of American-Islamic Relations allowed a manager to claim he was an attorney and provide bogus legal advice to the organization’s clients, costing at least one of them their job. Morris Days allegedly took money from those clients but did not file any claims on their behalf.
By Christopher Cadelago | June 5, 2009
LOS ANGELES ? In publicly announcing a discrimination lawsuit Monday against the Burbank Police Department, the attorney representing one lieutenant and four police officers took Police Chief Tim Stehr to task for ordering his staff to stay silent on all internal matters. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court, alleges myriad sexual and racial discrimination incidents, and that complaints to the command staff were greeted with retaliation and lost promotions.
By Maria Hsin, | March 13, 2012
Defending the city against claims that former Burbank Deputy Chief of Police William Taylor was terminated after facing on-the-job retaliation from the department, attorneys this week called into question the reason for his lawsuit. Taylor alleges he was demoted, and then fired, for pushing for proper discipline in a sexual harassment incident and because he blocked the firing of minority police officers. But defense attorneys said in Los Angeles County Superior court that it wasn't until Taylor received notice to appear for an interview by an outside investigator concerning the robbery at a local bakery that he filed his lawsuit against the city.
By Christopher Cadelago | October 2, 2009
CITY CENTER — A Burbank police captain on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit against the city, alleging he was unfairly demoted from his post as deputy chief after he tried to compel the command staff to address a series of internal complaints. Capt. Bill Taylor, known by many in the city as the moral compass of the Police Department, filed the lawsuit Tuesday afternoon in Los Angeles Superior Court, the latest in a series of police-related legal woes that have struck Burbank.
By Christopher Cadelago | May 29, 2009
CITY CENTER — One lieutenant and four Burbank police officers filed a lawsuit against the department Thursday, alleging that they were subjected to routine racial discrimination and sexual harassment, and then faced retaliation from the command staff when they complained. The lawsuit was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court on behalf of Lt. Omar Rodriguez and police officers Cindy Guillen-Gomez, Steve Karagiosian, Elfego Rodriguez and Jamal Childs. According to the complaint, the officers “were subjected to discrimination and discriminatory policies, practices and procedures based upon race, ancestry, national origin, sex/gender, marital status, and pregnancy, among other things.
August 22, 2009
Construction risks Martin Sanchez v. Bernard Brothers Construction, Case No. EC050330 Bernard Brothers Construction was hired to perform crane-related services for loading and unloading building materials at a project on the 200 block of South Brand Boulevard, according to a lawsuit filed in Glendale Superior Court. Martin Sanchez, a union carpenter, was also working on the same construction project. But on July 19, 2007, Sanchez got an unpleasant surprise.
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