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Los Angeles River

July 15, 2012
Good morning, readers. Today is Sunday, July 15, 2012. Have you ever walked next to the Los Angeles River and wondered how toxic the water is? Members of the L.A. Conservation Corps navigated the river on kayaks yesterday, inspecting the area before paying customers trek the murky waters next week . Among some of the items they paddled by: Plastic bags, old clothes, shopping carts. L.A. Times Over 1,000 Chatsworth residents lost power Saturday after a car hit a utility pole . Power was restored in the afternoon, after residents sweated through the 90-degree weather.  Daily News Reports of bike theft in Burbank have been on the rise, and yesterday police arrested a man suspected of taking an unlocked bike from a front yard . Another suspect is still at large.
December 24, 2012
Good morning, readers. Today is Monday, December 24.  Police in Burbank have  arrested three teenagers in connection with a pair of weekend home invasion robberies .  Daily News Los Angeles and Glendale firefighters responded early Monday to reports of a person trapped in the Los Angeles River , where water levels had risen due to overnight rainfall. Firefighters rescued the unidentified man from an island in the middle of the river near the Los Feliz Boulevard overpass.  Los Angeles Times Schools in Pacoima will be able to expand academic services after a $30 million grant was awarded to the nonprofit Youth Policy Institute on Friday.
By Kelly Corrigan, | November 7, 2011
After losing out on $3.5-million in state funding for the redesign of Johnny Carson Park, Burbank officials are preparing to apply for another grant that could help make up the difference for the $5-million redesign of Johnny Carson Park. On Tuesday, the City Council gave the parks department the OK to apply for the grant after the city was turned down for an application for $3.5 million through the Proposition 84 program. “We're going forward any which way,” said Jan Bartolo, director of the parks department.
By By Mark R. Madler | January 11, 2006
LOS ANGELES -- A proposed sewer project by the city of Los Angeles with an alignment that could go through Burbank will be the subject of a hearing taking place on Thursday. The proposed Burbank-Glendale Interceptor Sewer project would extend nearly 6 miles from the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park to Toluca Lake. "This is our effort to reach out and make sure everyone has a chance to give input," said Adel Hagekhalil, a division manager with the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation.
By By Mark R. Madler | December 14, 2005
City encouraging residents to give comments to Los Angeles on sewer project that could be built going through Rancho District.RANCHO DISTRICT -- City officials are encouraging residents to send in their comments on a sewer project proposed by the city of Los Angeles that could be built through the Rancho District neighborhood. Comments on the project's draft environmental report will be accepted by the Los Angeles Public Works Department through the end of February on the proposed Burbank-Glendale Interceptor Sewer project, which would extend nearly 6 miles, from the Los Angeles Zoo in Griffith Park to Toluca Lake.
By Chris Wiebe | March 25, 2006
LOS ANGELES ? A report on the extent to which manure stored at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center contaminates the Los Angeles River will go to an ad hoc river committee, after the public had the chance to offer its comments at a hearing on Wednesday. "It scares me when politicians get involved with the equestrian," horse owner Nick Pool said at a special joint session of the city of Los Angeles' Energy and Environment and Arts, Parks, Health and Aging committees. "The equestrian center is doing a fine job of maintaining the facility and, to my knowledge, there have not been any abuses."
By By Mark R. Madler | December 17, 2005
LOS ANGELES -- A Los Angeles City Councilwoman urged on Wednesday "a thorough" investigation" into allegations that manure stored at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center was leaking into the Los Angeles River. A report by the city's Parks and Recreation Department is expected to be released in January at a meeting of the Los Angeles City Council's Environmental Quality and Waste Management Committee. "I want this to be a thorough investigation," Councilwoman Jan Perry said. "If somebody is out of compliance they need to be penalized and brought into compliance.
By Gretchen Meier, | February 4, 2011
Burbank and Glendale are trying to get a bite of out of the grant money apple as Los Angeles County transportation officials prepare to review myriad infrastructure improvements. Both cities have submitted four applications each for thousands in grant money from the county Metropolitan Transportation Authority for projects ranging from bike paths to improved traffic signals, representing a renewed effort among cities to pool their resources in applying for precious fewer dollars. One of Burbank’s proposals — changing the designation of a bicycle path along Kenneth Road to a bicycle boulevard — is part of a joint project with Glendale to improve traffic safety.
April 6, 2002
Ryan Carter BURBANK -- With recent heightened concern about terrorism, local officials haven't forgotten about earthquakes, even though the city's annual duck-and-cover drill -- done in April, Earthquake Preparedness Month -- didn't happen this year. "Earthquakes aren't the disaster du jour right now," Burbank Emergency Coordinator Rich Baenen said. "But it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when one will occur." Underlying Baenen's vigilance is the knowledge that Burbank is in a seismic hazard zone.
By Maria Hsin, | September 27, 2011
The redesign of Johnny Carson Park is underway, and city officials could tap three grants to help cover the estimated $5-million price tag. The city has been setting aside money for the project - $2.5 million so far through the Redevelopment Agency - but three grant applications, if submitted, would determine the city's eligibility for additional funds, said Jan Bartolo, deputy director of park services. Should the city qualify, that could mean an additional $2.8 million to help meet its sustainable design goals, including a drainage system to keep dirty water out of the Los Angeles River.
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