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April 12, 2003
Molly Shore Indian territory is becoming a state-of-the-art learning facility. John Burroughs High School's Phase II construction includes a total rehabilitation of the school's main building fronting Clark Avenue, as well as modernization of the Brian W. Hurst Gymnasium. The work is proceeding without a hitch, said Chief Facilities and Development Superintendent Ali Kiafar of the $12-million project. "No question there are inconveniences the school has to deal with, but ... it has gone very well," Kiafar said.
January 9, 2002
Gary Moskowitz BURBANK -- After more than four years of work and $50,000 in modernization spending, the school district is entering the third phase of its comprehensive construction program. New classrooms, parking, playgrounds, lunch shelters, amphitheaters and window replacements have been added to seven Burbank schools in the last two years. New windows, air conditioning, insulation and sound mitigation items are aspects of current modernization work underway at the Burbank Adult School.
By Lauren Hilgers | April 1, 2006
NORTHWEST DISTRICT ? Sledgehammers swinging, Burbank Unified School District officials took out their aggression on a row of cubicles at Luther Burbank Middle School on Wednesday, clearing a path for the final stage of modernization in the district. "It's been a long road to get to this day," said Board of Education President Paul Krekorian of the 26-month, $12.9-million project. The construction at Luther continues a districtwide modernization program started in 1998. Projects completed in the past seven years left in their wake a series of mistakes and oversights, including drainage problems, leaks and even poorly-located buildings, that the district is still working to remedy.
By Ani Amirkhanian | August 5, 2006
BURBANK - Luther Burbank Middle School is nearing completion of the first phase of its modernization process, and it's doing so on schedule, officials said. The first phase, which includes four renovated science rooms, three classrooms, a new culinary-arts room, locker rooms and gymnasium, is scheduled to be completed in November, the district's Chief Facilities Officer Craig Jellison said. The school will also have a 20-year maintenance-free roof for every building, and underground infrastructure complete with electrical, sewer and water lines, he said.
February 9, 2008
Students raise money for hospital patients Burbank High School is entering the last week of its “Pennies for Patients” fundraiser, which collects money for children who are sick with blood disease. In the first two weeks, students donated $3,839.64 in spare change. The school’s goal is to reach $8,000 in donations. Burbank High is currently ranked third in the state for its fundraising activities. School upgrades moving forward Modernization efforts at William McKinley Elementary School and Luther Burbank Middle School are moving forward, with McKinley entering the last phase of renovations for its classrooms, computer labs and administration buildings.
July 9, 2003
Molly Shore While students are enjoying their summer break, there is still plenty of activity on Burbank Unified School District campuses while construction and modernization work continues. Summer is the best time to complete the work, because some construction can adversely affect educational programs, said Ali Kiafar, chief facilities and development superintendent for the district. When the school year begins in September, John Muir Middle School students will file into refurbished classrooms and eat lunch in a modernized cafeteria.
February 28, 2007
ON THE AGENDA The following items are scheduled to be discussed at Thursday's school board meeting. APPROVAL OF REVISIONS Supt. Gregory A. Bowman will make recommendations for the approval of revisions and deletions of several board policies. The policies will deal with administrative regulations, concepts and roles. WHAT TO EXPECT Board members will discuss details of the revisions and deletions and most likely move to make changes and corrections before approval.
January 18, 2003
Thomas Jefferson Elementary School, a California Distinguished School, was modernized with bond funds approved by Burbank voters. The total of $3.3 million spent on modernization at Jefferson included: Utility services such as new plumbing fixtures and restrooms, air conditioning, lighting and technology upgrades for improved Internet access. Appearance improvements in all classrooms and common areas, improved campus security and access for disabled students and staff.
By: Sarah Hill | October 8, 2005
New art facilities, air conditioning and nursing offices will come sooner than expected for some public schools after the School Board's unanimous approval Wednesday of a timeline for modernization projects. The four Burbank Unified School District schools waiting to be modernized as part of a $122.5-million bond passed in 1998 are Luther Burbank Middle School, McKinley and Providencia elementary schools and Monterey Continuation High School. Each were scheduled to begin construction in sequence about a year apart from each other.
By Kelly Corrigan, | January 24, 2014
About 1,300 students packed the Alex Theatre on Wednesday, including several from Burbank, to get a modern-day look at five of Shakespeare's classic plays, including scenes featuring sword fights, young lovers and tragic death - as well as an opening set to a chart-topping music hit by Pitbull and Ke$ha. “Shakespearience,” a production by Theatrical Education Group, has performed for about 70,000 students during the last 16 years in Glendale. PHOTOS: Students get a Shakespearience at the Alex Theatre “They come year after year after year,” said director Justin Eick of the many schools that have annually brought students to the production, which aims to introduce students to the Bard.
By Joyce Rudolph | August 28, 2013
Parents, administrators and teachers at Roosevelt Elementary have rolled up their sleeves in preparation for a serious year of fundraising. The school's booster club met earlier this month for a launch party at the DeBell Clubhouse Grill. About 50 people indulged in hors d'oeuvres while chatting and bidding on silent auction items. The boosters have set a lofty goal to modernize Roosevelt's auditorium. Linda Walmsley, teacher liaison, said the “300 for 300” project offers the public a chance to donate $300 that will go to renovate the 300-seat auditorium, which has not been updated since the school was built in the early 1920s.
By Lynne Heffley | September 16, 2012
If you've ever been put off by a job interview that was intimidating, demeaning or just plain strange, be thankful you weren't among the candidates for a job at Burnham & Burnham, the fictional Fortune 500 company in “The Grönholm Method,” Catalan playwright Jordi Galcerán Ferrar's expectation-defying comedy at the Falcon Theatre in Burbank. An American premiere, with translation by playwrights Anne Garcia-Romero and Mark St. Germain, this fierce satire of today's brand of corporate whip-cracking begins with a simple premise: In the tastefully monochromatic conference room of Burnham & Burnham's Wall Street headquarters, three men and one woman are awaiting their fourth interview for a high-level executive job. Or are they?
By Bryan Mahoney | July 10, 2012
On the night of the American Revolution, militia from Lexington and surrounding Massachusetts towns waited all night in a tavern for the British military as it marched to Concord to look for colonists' weapons. Today, that tavern serves as the headquarters for Lexington's historical society. And if you venture farther into Boston you'll find pubs and watering holes with all manner of claims to history - “first pub in the U.S.” or “Paul Revere's favorite hangout.” On Sunday, the city of Burbank's 101st birthday, a new downtown tavern began its footnote in history by also helping preserve it. The Story Tavern, at 150 S. San Fernando Blvd., is named for the San Fernando hardware store that once stood on the site.
By Megan O'Neil, | April 12, 2011
A database published last week by an investigative nonprofit called into question the seismic safety standards of nine structures within the Burbank Unified School District. But district officials said the report by California Watch was not cause for alarm. “Is it a matter of serious concern? I would have to say no,” said school board member Larry Applebaum. “Does it warrant asking a professional whether we should spend any resources having someone checking the engineering of it?
July 17, 2010
The Leader's front-page, leap-before-looking story ("Millions at ready, receipts or not," July 14) concerning millions of dollars of Burbank Unified School District bond, state grant, and city funds for the modernization of Burbank's schools trivialized what should be a topic of concern for thousands of young students, their parents, and all taxpaying businesses and residents. Apparently, former President Reagan's oft quoted admonition, "Trust, but verify!" was ignored. The Leader completely mischaracterized my inquiry into district accountability and the whereabouts of essential project documents and taxpayer dollars, leaving the reader in the dark as to the true significance of this issue.
By Christopher Cadelago | April 17, 2010
WEST BURBANK — A frustrated group of renters say they are without recourse after property managers issued notifications that rents are to more than double beginning May 1. Longtime tenants of the Hollywood Way Apartments at 1207 N. Cordova St., some of them seniors on fixed incomes and others out of work, have sought guidance from organizations across the city, but to no avail. The increase is legal, but the tenants don’t think it’s fair. The issue of raising rents after a change of ownership, especially when tenants are paying well below market rates, is nothing new. But residents here, citing a sour job market and down economy, argued that the mandatory increases will have catastrophic consequences.
By Michael J. Arvizu | February 3, 2010
With “Avatar” now the highest-grossing film of all time, and with a best picture Oscar nomination added to its list of accolades Tuesday, the film stands to be one of the most successful franchises so far this year. At the center of it all is Burbank-based Modern VideoFilm Inc., which also has offices in Glendale. “Avatar” is considered one of the largest projects ever undertaken by the company, as it was Modern VideoFilm that acted as the central hub through which all of the visual effects and live-action shots were gathered.
By Jess Minckley | July 29, 2009
Walking into Wax Poetic, you wouldn?t assume that it was a purveyor of fine art, but as the aroma of beauty products waft across the purple floor, one finds the salon has expanded into a sort of curio of all things ?arty.? Special soaps and clearance cosmetics are neighbors to whimsical, vaguely erotic prints, punky girl buttons, and tiny take-home skull paintings. And in an adjacent room, one finds the paintings of Christopher Ashe hanging from wires to avoid puncturing walls.
By Joyce Rudolph | March 11, 2009
Jamie Nichols hopes that showcasing a variety of modern dance companies framed by innovative lighting and sound pleases all the senses during the fourth annual “Celebrate Dance” at the Alex Theatre on Saturday. “I want people to have an opportunity to see different things,” she said. “I want to educate people. They may love something, maybe not. Everybody is different.” Nichols, the show’s executive producer, was born in Glendale, graduated from Glendale High School, and was artistic director and founder of the Pasadena-based contemporary dance company Fast Feet for 23 years until she retired the company in 2003.
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