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By Lisa Dupuy | June 7, 2006
"Over the Hedge," the new animated feature from the folks at DreamWorks, is quite funny and, for the most part, stands out in the cartoon animal movie crowd. It features talented comedians for voice-over actors and a clever story that teaches a little lesson about dunder-headed thinking by over-indulgent humans. Consequently, it could easily be viewed as anti-human by some. The film centers on an adorably supportive "family" of woodland creatures ? two possums, five porcupines, one squirrel (with the energy of 20)
By DAVID LAURELL | September 9, 2009
A decade has passed since local artist Susan “Suki” Kass Susan “Suki” Kass founded Inseparable Wings, a group of women artisans from the greater Los Angeles area who have collaborated on numerous projects and exhibitions such as “Voices,” a recent visual exploration of the loving and often complicated relationship between mothers and daughters. As a follow-up, the consortium has again collaborated for “Juxtaposed — Unexpected Combinations” at the Burbank Creative Arts Center Gallery.
By Joyce Rudolph | August 2, 2008
The two dancers turned slowly and struck poses in silhouette behind the green strips of vinyl suspended 15 feet above from an alcove near the art gallery’s ceiling. They were rehearsing for the opening reception of the art exhibition, “Circle in the Square,” tonight at Brand Library Art Galleries in Glendale. The show features installations created out of vinyl by Cheryl Walker, such as the artificial waterfall the dancers were under in the center of the gallery and a stain-glass effect covering the gallery’s windows.
October 22, 2005
With the recent spate of natural disasters and the potential of pandemics, talk of the end times has heated up. Speculation about the end of the world has become the topic of blogs and evangelists. What are your thoughts on the Book of Revelation in relation to our current age? Do you believe in the prophecy of the end times, or not? Are the disasters more than natural? No, it's not the end of the world, and we're not even close! One of the biggest mistakes Christians down through the ages have made (and continue to make!
April 26, 2003
48 HOURS A woman's emotions are interpreted through dance by the Djanbazian Dance Company in a free performance at 3 p.m. Sunday in the Brand Library Galleries in Glendale. Anna Djanbazian, Glendale resident and artistic director, has titled the program "What's Inside Every Woman." The performance is an emotional journey into an inner world, the world that is inside all women. "It begins with the discovery of self and ends with the taking of power to make life happier," she said.
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