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May 29, 2002
Laura Sturza BURBANK -- At not quite 5 feet tall and 97 pounds, Betty Carlson doesn't look like someone who would move trash bins on a regular basis. But every day, Carlson does her part in her condominium's recycling efforts by hauling a container full of discarded junk mail from the mail room to the recycling bin. The 43-unit community, Toluca Lake on Rose, was among three groups honored last month as Recycling Heroes by the City Council. "I take pride in wherever I live," Carlson said.
March 23, 2005
Webster's says repertory is "a theater in which several different plays are presented in a season by a resident company." Most theater lovers associate them with New England and upstate New York, but Glendale has its own. A Noise Within, in the historic Masonic Temple Building, does exactly what repertories are known for: It fosters excellence in theater. William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," combative and gory and theatrical only in the best sense of the word, may be its most radiant moment of the season.
By June Casagrande | June 24, 2009
Recently I got an e-mail from a reader who has a long-running dispute with his daughter. She says you can?t start a sentence with ?and.? He says he?s going to do it anyway. Despite a very widespread myth, there?s nothing grammatically wrong with starting a sentence with ?and.? And that?s not just me talking. ?It is a rank superstition that this coordinating conjunction cannot properly begin a sentence,? advises Garner?s Modern American Usage. This book was written by Bryan Garner, who penned the grammar section of the ?
June 8, 2005
JUNE CASAGRANDE I like to think of this column as grammar for dummies by a dummy. But today, I'm taking it a step further and actually making it about dummies. No, I haven't been watching FOX News or any Keanu Reeves movies. I've been reading about grammar. You see, after years of working as a copy editor and more than a year and a half of writing this column, a few months ago I finally bought a real-live, bona fide grammar book. Until then, I'd been relying on style books and usage books -- mainly the "Associated Press Stylebook," which governs most newspapers, and the "Chicago Manual of Style," which sets the rules for book publishing, and "Garner's Modern American Usage," which tries to put the whole mess of modern language rules into perspective for the average user.
August 8, 2001
One of the city's popular animal control officers, a position of some fame in Burbank because of the animal shelter's pet adoption show produced by City Hall, was badly burned in an accident at his home several days ago. John McCullough suffered third-degree burns over 45% of his body when fuel he was using to light a barbecue grill exploded. The 29-year-old is being treated at the Grossman Burn Center at Sherman Oaks Hospital. McCullough is well known among the shelter staff who routinely co-host the "Adopt a Pet" show that is alternately hosted by Mayor Bob Kramer and Vice Mayor David Laurell.
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