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May 21, 2003
Ben Godar Invoking the name of Jesus Christ or any other deity will remain prohibited at City Council meetings. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear the city of Burbank's appeal in a case that banned such religious references at council meetings. Justices reviewed the case late last week, and announced their decision without comment, a court official said. Jewish activist Irv Rubin filed the lawsuit in 1999 after a Mormon bishop used the phrase "Jesus Christ" in a prayer before a council meeting.
December 22, 1999
Paul Clinton CIVIC CENTER -- Making good on his threat, a Jewish activist has filed a 1st Amendment lawsuit against Burbank to stop the city from continuing its practice of prayer before City Council meetings. Irv Rubin, the national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, said he felt excluded when he attended the Nov. 23 council meeting and a Mormon pastor referred to Jesus Christ during the invocation. Rubin said he considered including other cities in the suit.
June 24, 2000
Paul Clinton CIVIC CENTER -- The Supreme Court's rejection of student-led prayer at public school events will aid efforts by activists to remove the invocation that precedes Burbank City Council meetings, their lawyer said. In a 6-3 ruling Monday, the high court struck down a Texas school board's policy of allowing student-led invocations at football games, graduations and other school-sponsored gatherings. The ruling is good news for Irv Rubin, the national chairman of the Jewish Defense League, and Alejandro Gandara, the other plaintiff in the suit against Burbank, said Roger Jon Diamond, their Santa Monica-based attorney.
September 4, 2002
As the country remembers Sept. 11, Muslims in the Glendale/Burbank/ Pasadena area remember and mourn as well. Our feelings are represented in the following prayer: Dear God, as our country remembers the heartbreaking events of Sept. 11, 2001, we humbly turn to You in prayer. At a time where our nation is facing unprecedented challenges, we need Your spirit, mercy and strength, now more than ever, to guide us down the right path. Dear Lord, we pray that you have taken under Your merciful wings those who innocently perished on that tragic day. We are grateful they were once a part of our lives.
December 18, 1999
Perhaps there is cause to take a hard look at the practice of opening Burbank's council meetings with an invocation. Based on recent letters to the editor and comments made to the council, all in response to a complaint made by a council meeting visitor, mine is not the popular view. I'm not fooling myself that calls for discussion will be heeded. Rather, I expect the council to studiously avoid the subject. Some think I wait until a number of residents have firmly taken a stand before I come out on the opposite side, a perceived personality flaw that demands a contrary view.
September 2, 2006
What would we do without hope in our lives? I have often thought about people in crisis and reflected on my own times of trial and wondered: How do people make it without Christ, prayer and hope? For me, it has been my greatest moments of suffering that have caused me to reach out to Christ to help me through. We recently found out that a co-worker suffered from a tragic ailment. God laid this man heavily upon my heart to pray for. I prayed with my husband, my daughters, and was then inundated with questions from my 3-year-old asking, "What is wrong with Thomas?
September 18, 2002
About 10 years ago, my pastor in a Christian church (Disciples of Christ) congregation and a member of the Burbank Ministerial Assn., asked me (a layman, not a city employee) to fill in for him in offering the invocation at a City Council meeting. Neither he, the association nor the city made any attempt to provide me regulations, guidelines or counsel as to content. I noted no policemen at the meeting monitoring either me or whether or not any attendee chose not to listen to my prayer.
By KIMBERLIE ZAKARIAN | March 15, 2008
?The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective? (James 5:16, Holy Bible, New International Version). I believe it is a testimony to our children when they catch us praying. This happens periodically at our home if the children get up earlier than usual. I often spend my mornings on my knees praying and reading the Bible. My children will walk in, and I always finish my prayer before addressing them (unless they are sick or some other emergency is present). When I am praying, my children know to wait until I have finished.
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