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September 26, 2012
Good morning, readers. Today is Wednesday, September 26. Opponents of a Sherman Oaks synagogue had no problem filing a second lawsuit days before Yom Kippur.  The L.A. City Council previously approved the project, but on Monday, neighbors sought to overturn the decision . Contra Costa Times  If you've been to a neighborhood council meeting in the North Hollywood area in recent years, you've probably heard a neighbor or police officer...
March 24, 2004
Jackson Bell Aching arms, creaking necks and tense shoulders are one stroke closer to receiving relief when the City Council on Tuesday voted to update an ordinance that will loosen restrictions on chair massages for businesses and therapists. The council unanimously voted to introduce an amendment to a city ordinance that previously did not allow businesses whose primary function is not massage to offer chair-massage services. In addition, the ordinance would no longer require businesses providing chair massages to have a tub or shower on the premises.
December 10, 2003
Ryan Carter Massage therapy will become a lot easier in Burbank after the City Council voted Tuesday for a new ordinance to relax restrictions on the shoulders of some Burbank businesses and therapists. The council unanimously voted to direct staff to come back in February with an amended city ordinance that would allow businesses whose primary function is not massage to provide chair-massage services. Businesses offering chair massages would also not be required to offer a tub or shower facility on their premises, which is what the code currently requires.
July 9, 2005
Labor center will not solve problems Regarding the new day laborer center and Home Depot being constructed, just go to the Home Depot in North Hollywood. They have a day labor center less than a half-mile away. But just go through the parking lot or on the sidewalks and you would not know it. I always wondered if they turn a blind eye to this. At least they could let them use the restrooms in the stores instead of the bushes and walls near the store.
September 8, 2001
Ryan Carter BURBANK -- Police arrested a 19-year-old transient from Los Angeles for the alleged killing of a Burbank man found dead in his apartment's bathroom after a suspicious fire, officials said. Juan Carlos Martinez-Fuentez, 19, was arrested on suspicion of killing a man late Friday, one day after firefighters found a 62-year-old man dead in his bathroom in a second-story apartment on the 1100 block of North Glenoaks Boulevard after an early morning fire, Burbank Police Lt. Tim Stehr said.
March 20, 2010
The following were taken from daily booking reports from the Burbank Police Department.   AREA 1   1000 West Olive Avenue A 48-year-old Burbank woman on Sunday was sitting on the museum steps in front of Olive Park and had just closed her eyes when she felt someone grab her buttocks. The suspect then rode off southbound on a bike. He was described as being black, 6 feet tall and 140 pounds, with a thin build and short black hair. He was wearing a dark baseball cap, dark blue shirt with a white skull and dark pants.
By Bryan Mahoney | March 5, 2013
As a rule, they don't make fire halls to host children's programming. For almost 20 years, the Burbank Boys and Girls Club has made this arrangement work - a clever re-imagining of a vacant fire hall has provided an educational and social haven for kids ages 6 to 18 outside school hours. It's near the corner of San Fernando Boulevard and Buena Vista Street, right off the Golden State (5) Freeway. The location is great for emergency vehicles responding to fires. It's a terrible location for family programs.
By Cherlyn Latar | July 19, 2008
Regarding the Community Commentary “Play shouldn’t be such an issue,” by Mike Delbarian (June 25), I find the title of this article oddly apt: The play in question really shouldn’t be such an issue. I am completely appalled that any person should find the pieces directed by Scott Bailey to ever be “vulgar,” “deceptive” or “lascivious.” The plays he directs are works of art to be appreciated despite their ephemeral nature.
By Matt Bellner | February 4, 2009
Not many normal guys go to the movies Super Bowl weekend. As you know by now, I?m not normal, and therefore I went against the grain when my teammates brought me along to see the action film, ?Taken.? This intense new release took us by surprise, got us fired up for the big game, and hopefully we?ll see a sequel before Los Angeles gets its own NFL franchise. Liam Neeson stars as a retired spy named Bryan Mills who has relocated to Los Angeles to be closer to his 17-year-old daughter, Kim, (Maggie Grace)
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