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February 11, 2009
Take the good with the bad on bike path I am 12 years old, and I would like to share my experiences on the Chandler Bikeway. I love riding on the path. It’s very enjoyable. It was a very smart idea to build it, because people that would like to get somewhere don’t have to deal with the problems of cars. It is a Class 1 bikeway. Some people may argue that pedestrians should not be allowed on the path. On the other hand, some people would like them to use the path.
July 10, 2002
Mary Mallory A postmodern take on Roman comedy, updated for the 21st century, "The Brothers" is a lighthearted, entertaining production that also contains fine acting by the Action Reaction Theater Company. While a little suggestive in its double entendres, it also provides a fun evening in Brand Park. Based on a comedy of manners by Terence, the story relates the struggles between two brothers over how to raise their sons. The patrician, libertine Micio, allows his son, Aeschinus, to roam and live freely, while his younger, overbearing brother, Demea, worries about these influences on his son, Ctesipho.
December 12, 2001
It's a happy, yet sad, page in the history of the Burbank city clerk's office. As new City Clerk Margarita Campos, a 27-year veteran of city business, takes her place in the first-floor office, outgoing City Clerk Judie Sarquiz will pull up her leather swivel chair to a new desk in the city's finance department. Alas. Sarquiz did a pretty good job as city clerk, as far as we can tell. Always responsive when she received telephone calls from Leader reporters, Sarquiz fielded all questions readily and ably and without a complaint or a hint of sarcasm.
April 27, 2002
Kudos to Will Ray for complaining about Charter. I think we are all frustrated by its actions. I recently had more trouble with them, as well. I got a fast busy one night, and gave up trying to reach them. I was able to contact them (amazing right after my appearance at the City Council meeting) the next night within their designated time frame. However, I was not impressed by the clerk's advice. The first thing she said I should do is recycle my box. I told her that I don't have one. Then, she told me to play a tape and if it still acts up, then it is the TV, not the cable.
By Joyce Rudolph | February 13, 2010
Couples married for 20- to 50-plus years say they keep the spark in their romance through communication, humor and patience. Marj and Bob Overstreet of Burbank were married Sept. 6, 1958, and are John Burroughs grads — he in 1955, she in 1957. They met on a double date. “His good sense of humor is what first attracted me to him,” Marj Overstreet said. “He seemed to know what he wanted in life.” Parents of three grown boys, the Overstreets say they have kept their marriage romantic by making private time a priority.
By ROBERT PHIPPS | October 1, 2009
Hello, fellow Burbank folk. Some of you know me, or at least my words. I have written letters to the editor and spoken to the City Council numerous times over the past few years, opining about the Chandler streets and bikeway, the outdoor smoking ordinance, council behavior, water conservation, beautification of city streets and other things. This is the first of a weekly Wednesday column, in which I will share my thoughts and feelings about political and business matters in Burbank.
January 16, 2002
Dink O'Neal, Enjoy! BURBANK -- That whirring sound emanating from the Falcon Theatre? It's William Shakespeare spinning in his grave. However, cast members of "Romeo Hall & Juliet Oates," the Troubadour Theatre Company's newest stab at the Bard, might say, "Serves him right for dying!" Following on the heels of their critically acclaimed hits, "12th Dog Night" and "A Midsummer Saturday Night's Fever Dream," their latest mangling, that of the star-crossed lovers and the '80s hits of Hall & Oates, is nothing short of hysterical pandemonium.
February 21, 2007
It only took me approximately five seconds to get an idea that I would enjoy the Glendale Centre Theatre's staging of Lerner and Loewe's "My Fair Lady." When the opening lights revealed period costumes that authentically evoked the spirit of London, I had a good feeling. And I'm happy to say that it continued throughout the entire production. The story, taken from George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion," tells how phonetics professor Henry Higgins (Kelly Oien) bets Col. Pickering (N. Mario DiGregorio)
May 30, 2009
Writer’s attitude is just sour grapes I’ve often wondered why some people use only sarcasm when they want to criticize others. I’ve suspected it was because they’re stuck back in junior high school, and never took that class in high school that would have taught them that sarcasm is the tool of a weak mind. Richard J. Tafilaw brought this thought to me again when I saw his juvenile piece, “Pool and spa owners needed a voice,” in the May 16 Mailbag.
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