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January 22, 2005
Jacqui Brown Nine of the city's 17 public schools met or surpassed the state's academic goals for 2004, according to results released this week. Four of the nine schools, Ralph Emerson (823), Bret Harte (807), Thomas Jefferson (845) and Theodore Roosevelt (843) Elementary schools surpassed the state goal of 800. The Academic Performance Index, using standardized test scores, is measured on a scale of 200 to 1000. The state's goal is 800. "This is a consequence of great teaching and hard work on the part of our students and staff and assistance from our principals," Burbank Unified School Supt.
September 22, 2007
Burbank schools are, in essence, stealing students? milk money. Sure, they?re giving the students milk for it, but it?s milk the students say they don?t want. For years, students have been able to purchase items a la carte. A slice of pizza or a burrito was yours for a couple of bucks. But now several schools have done away with the a la carte items, and so students who want the coveted pizza or burrito are forced to purchase an apple and milk as well. If it were the same price, foisting the milk and apple would be fine.
April 21, 2001
Jeff Tully DE BELL GOLF COURSE -- Next week, the boys' golf teams atBurbank and Burroughs highs will be battling one another for a playoff spot in Foothill League competitions. But Thursday, the schools' players got a chance to have a little fun at the 39th annual Burbank High Schools Invitational Golf Tournament at De Bell Municipal Golf Course. The tournament featured 104 players from 18 schools. Although neither local school finished among the top teams in the event, and no Indian or Bulldog golfers won individual honors, one of the local teams captured a title.
August 9, 2000
Chuck Sambar Those who thought Regis Philbin was wowing the nation with his now-famous and often repeated question: "Is that your final answer?" better take note. We have a new show in California that far surpasses the $1-million Philbin giveaway. We have a billion-dollar giveaway show to those who answer a bunch of questions correctly and well! Gov. Gray Davis and the state legislature are sure to upstage Philbin with a new and far more spectacular and rewarding show.
March 5, 2008
Volunteers sought from business community Volunteers are needed for a Burbank Business Partners program that sends participants into area schools to discuss their professions. Participants will travel to schools and deliver presentations about their careers and businesses to students studying finance and business at Burbank and John Burroughs high schools. For more information, contact Sheri Rang at (818) 846-3111. Longtime Warner Bros. executive set to leave Warner Bros.
October 24, 2001
Gary Moskowitz MEDIA DISTRICT WEST -- Marissa Rosoff hopes Burbank residents will walk away from this year's Red Ribbon Week celebration with a strong understanding of the importance of making conscious, healthy decisions. "It's important for all of our schools to come together with the entire community to support safe, healthy and drug-free choices," Rosoff said. All week, students have been conducting their own Red Ribbon Week activities, like Juan Avila's students at William McKinley Elementary School, who tied red ribbons to trees on the school's campus and made a banner that all students were asked to sign.
By By Keith Knoop | January 4, 2006
Just a little history and a few facts to rebut the Dec. 14 Community Forum article, "Looking forward to a new league" by Joe Hooven. First Hooven hit the nail on the head by stating that John Burroughs High School football was a strong program back in the day and Bob Dunivant was the architect of many of those years and Jeff Barrett was a good quarterback. Barrett is still the all-time leading quarterback in school history. However, when he was a senior, Butch McElwee was the head coach.
September 18, 2004
Jacqui Brown Project "Jambo," which means "hello" in Swahili, bridges the gap between imagination and reality by bringing to life the world of African schoolchildren. Sue Gilbert, co-founder and director of the project, was at Joaquin Miller Elementary on Friday to introduce this year's third-graders to this intercultural exchange program. Each child is asked to create a letter or artwork that will show Kenyan children what life is like at their schools in America.
June 2, 2004
Jeff Tully Spring isn't the only thing in the air at the local high schools. Although the season is more than three months away, football players from Burbank, Burroughs and Bellarmine-Jefferson highs are hard at work. Spring practice is underway for the schools, and all the teams are taking advantage of the time to get a glimpse of the 2004 season. "The spring is a time for us to get back out on the field and get our feel back for the game," Bell-Jeff Coach Rolando Aguirre said.
July 7, 2004
Mark R. Madler Burbank public school officials have renegotiated their water and power deal with the city, saving the school district $1.6 million over the next 14 years. The new agreement will waive a $70,000 annual premium and include a discount for having solar- heating panels installed at the two high schools. The city's Department of Water and Power will also help the district pay the salary of an expert who will help the district with conservation efforts.
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