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By Joyce Rudolph | September 6, 2006
Instructors at the Burbank Creative Arts Center are debunking the myth that "those who can't do, teach." Ten ceramics teachers will display their works at an opening at the Creative Arts Center Gallery on Friday. Longtime ceramic instructor Judy Springborn's love of sculpture began while she was enrolled as an art history major during the 1960s at UCLA. "One of the requirements was to take a ceramics class, so I took a class and loved it," Springborn said. After college, she got married and started raising a family.
By By Lauren Hilgers | December 3, 2005
BURBANK -- The Chandler Bikeway in Burbank is a place of constant action -- people running, walking, and riding bikes. A bronze sculpture might seem out of place in the midst of all the activity, but the piece of art that Burbank city officials unveiled on Friday morning fits right in. "My favorite part is the wagon," said 8-year-old Aaron Sowell, who stood nearly eye-to-eye with the two bronze children pushing a small wagon. Created by Florida artist Stanley Proctor, the sculpture captures the two children and their two dogs, one of which has been placed in the wagon and is being carted along.
July 23, 2005
NEW FIREFIGHTERS CONTRACT The City Council approved a one-year deal with Burbank Fire Fighters Local 778. The city and firefighters reached a new agreement that calls for a 4% salary increase. Additional half-percent raise will be give for paramedic, assessment medic and urban search and rescue assignments. WHAT IT MEANS The cost to the city for the raises will be $600,710. Councilwoman Stacey Murphy was not present at the meeting. Vote 4-0 BIKEWAY SCULPTURE APPROVED The council approved an Arts in Public Places sculpture be placed along the Chandler Bikeway at Keystone Street and Chandler Boulevard.
April 2, 2005
Here are a few of the issues the council will consider Tuesday night. PUBLIC ARTWORK The council will consider a resolution to approve the design and installation of two sculptures to be placed at the Burbank Water and Power facility. A stone sculpture with fountain, titled "Community," will cost $294,144. A stainless steel sculpture titled "Water and Light" will cost $50,000. Both sculptures would be paid for from the Burbank Water and Power budget.
April 10, 2004
Mark R. Madler Making a pretend pizza can be messy, even when using recycled products. With their hands covered in red paint, Alex Lambert and Neil Dekovich, fourth-graders at Emerson Elementary School, worked on a pizza slice sculpture Friday as part of the school's Art Day. The materials the pair and their classmates used were recyclable materials such as aluminum cans and cardboard. "We're all excited because it's one of the biggest art days of the year," said Alex, 9. Neil, also 9, said the project was a challenge because of the limited materials.
March 13, 2004
JOYCE RUDOLPH Artist Leo Monahan attributes his sense of becoming one with nature to growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota. From age 12 to 17, he lived on his grandfather's ranch surrounded by miners, cowboys and loggers. "Everybody had a job that could kill them," he said. Life for a teenager was quite the opposite. "It was a Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn life," said the former Burbank resident. "We had a trout stream in the backyard and mountains all around."
March 1, 2003
world of show business, SEE SHOW BIZ, PAGE A9. Laura Sturza Like the behind-the-scenes workers in the film and television industry, local artisans who craft the Screen Actors Guild Awards' trophies help create a product that will be shown to viewers worldwide. "Nobody knows how hard the people behind the scenes work to make things happen," said Ken Hanke, who made the original mold for the statuettes that have been crafted by Burbank's American Fine Arts Foundry since 1995.
August 31, 2002
Molly Shore After Sept. 11, Burbank artist Denise Bankuti said she found a way to honor the Burbank Fire Department for its devotion to the city and its people. Her "thank you" is a mixed-media wall sculpture titled "We Will Never Forget," depicting events that occurred during and after Sept. 11. She is dedicating the sculpture to the city's fire department. "It's the rubble, it's anthrax, it's anything that you can think of that happened in those first few weeks," Bankuti, 51, said of her artwork.
November 28, 2001
Laura Sturza MAGNOLIA PARK -- Strength and grace are elements that renowned Los Angeles artist Wayne Healy said he sought to feature in the untitled sculpture that he designed for the Buena Vista Branch Library and Abraham Lincoln Park. The 13.5-foot-tall stainless steel figure is scheduled to be installed in approximately six months at a cost of $45,000, and it was unanimously approved by the Burbank City Council on Nov. 13. The abstract figure is of a youth with upraised hands, holding an open book containing a glass composite, capable of transmitting light.
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