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Smoking Ban

By Chris Wiebe | May 16, 2007
BURBANK — For Burbank resident and ex-smoker Lisa Gal, the City Council's ban on smoking in some outdoor areas, which took effect Saturday, gives much needed support for her and others who struggle to break the habit for good. "I feel that there are certain places in Burbank where it would be unavoidable to be around the smoke," said Gal. "The bottom line is that if people cannot smoke, then they're more apt to potentially quit, and later on down the line, that's going to solve a lot of health issues."
By Brett Loutensock | April 25, 2007
I am responding to an April 18 Mailbag letter titled, "Smoking ban not much of achievement," written by former Burbank Planning Board Member Dan Humfreville. Humfreville spends much time taking Mayor Todd Campbell and the entire City Council to task under the guise of his disapproval of the smoking ban, which three of the five City Council have thus far supported. His rationale is garbled and hard to make logical sense of. He says some smokers are pigs and a tough act to defend, and then goes onto to do just that.
April 18, 2007
Smoking ban not much of achievement So, the soon-to-be former mayor and his council have finally established his legacy and made a law pronouncing second-hand smoke as Public Enemy No. 1 ("Smoking ban is approved," March 31). As Mayor Todd Campbell gleefully stated following the decision, "Nothing will ever be a perfect ordinance, but I truly believe this type of ordinance will have immeasurable benefit for the community as a whole, and I'm very proud of it, and I consider it one of the council's — and one of my — highest achievements."
By Chris Wiebe | March 31, 2007
CITY HALL — The City Council on Tuesday moved to join the ranks of cities like Santa Monica and Calabasas by putting limits on smoking in certain outdoor areas in Burbank. The ordinance, which the council adopted in a 3-2 vote, will ban smoking in several targeted areas in the downtown, the Chandler Bikeway and restaurant's outdoor dining areas. Slated to go into effect in May, the law will return to the council for a second vote Tuesday before being finalized. Mayor Todd Campbell lauded the ordinance's passage as among the current council's greatest legislative accomplishments.
By Chris Wiebe | March 28, 2007
CITY HALL — Residents turned up en masse in City Council Chambers on Tuesday to weigh in on a proposal to ban smoking in certain areas in Burbank. At press time, the council had not made a decision on the ordinance, but had just begun its deliberations after more than three hours of public testimony. The proposed ordinance was crafted in response to documented concerns that second-hand smoke imposes negative impacts on non-smokers, said principal city planner Michael Forbes.
February 3, 2007
SMOKING BAN The City Council gave city staffers the go ahead to proceed with crafting a ban on smoking in some public areas. The recommended elements of a potential ordinance include limitations in outdoor shopping areas, restaurant dining areas, near public transportation line and the Chandler Bikeway. WHAT IT MEANS Once city staffers craft a proposed ordinance, residents will get a chance to weigh in on the issue during what is expected to be a heated public hearing process.
By Chris Wiebe | January 31, 2007
CITY HALL — The City Council directed city staffers on Tuesday to move forward with an ordinance that would ban smoking in some public places in Burbank. Preliminary details of a draft of the ordinance would ban smoking in public areas that include restaurants and bars, identified public gathering locations, transit stations and outdoor shopping areas. Smoking would still be allowed in designated smoking areas. The details of the proposed ordinance would apply to downtown Burbank.
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