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May 14, 2005
Rima Shah Local lawmakers and city officials are pleased about transportation funding received in the revised state budget released by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Friday, but were dismayed that schools are not getting their $2 billion back. "The governor is right when he says that politics is like show business, because the new budget has more special effects and gimmicks than a Star Wars movie," Assembly Majority Leader Dario Frommer said.
April 14, 2001
ANDERSEN -- HEPBURN Leane Andersen and Alex Hepburn, both of Burbank, were married at the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood. The Rev. Tod Bolsinger officiated. The matron of honor was Candice Collins. Bridesmaids were Kelli Urban, Christy Lennon and Heather Hepburn. There were 23 flower girls, all current or former students of the bride. The groom and his best man, his father Alexander Duncan Hepburn III, wore traditional Scottish attire.
September 23, 2013
The spectacular 22-year partnership of Walt Disney Co. and producer Jerry Bruckheimer will come to an end next year, signaling the Burbank company's changing priorities and how the shifting sands of the movie business are affecting A-list producers. The producer's first-look deal with Walt Disney Studios will not be renewed when it expires in 2014, ending a run that resulted in 27 movies - from early hits like "The Rock" and "Armageddon" to the long-running "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise - and almost $9 billion in box-office receipts.
By Zain Shauk | October 2, 2009
DOWNTOWN — Halloween retailers have taken up prime positions in Glendale and Burbank, moving into unfilled space left behind by box stores Circuit City and Mervyns. The stores are adding to increasingly fierce competition for Halloween consumers, who will have at least five choices in Burbank and four in Glendale to search for gorilla masks and superhero costumes this season. While the stores have generated traffic in areas that haven’t seen much activity for months, they have also been a surprising change for some shoppers, managers said.
July 15, 2000
COLIN C. CLARKE My brother Clive died on July 8, 2000, at County-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. He was a big strong man, age 51, in the prime of his life. He lived with my mother who is 89 years young and my other brother in a little house in Burbank. On the 23rd of May, he was struck down off his bicycle and run over by a company van making a right turn. The driver was on a cell phone. Although the accident was very slow, my brother suffered a fractured pelvis.
By Bob Harris | July 5, 2008
What if you found yourself stuck in a dead-end job with a nightmare of a boss? Add in a best friend sleeping with your cute, but horrid, girlfriend and you have a life of painful insecurities, crippling anxieties and one not worth living. That?s the exact situation the hero of ?Wanted? finds himself in. Subsisting on a numbing mix of self-loathing and anti-anxiety medication, Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a complete mess. That is until Fox (Angelina Jolie) enters and, literally, saves his life.
By Angela Hokanson | July 5, 2008
Revelers enjoyed patriotic music and lights during the show “A Star Spangled Salute to America” on Fourth of July at the Starlight Bowl in Burbank. Families and friends on Friday socialized down the length of the amphitheater, sprawled out on blankets in the grass, huddled around picnic dinners in box seats and danced in front of the stage to 1950s Doo-wop music. Concerts at the Starlight Bowl have a special hometown feel for Burbank resident Pat Aldrich. “Everyone is always in such a good, sweet mood,” Aldrich said.
January 13, 2001
Karen S. Kim BURBANK VILLAGE -- "It's our first glimpse of the 'Lord of the Rings,"' said Jonathan Watson, 25, of Arcadia. "A lot of people are excited to see how one man's imagination is put on the screen." Watson was one of more than 20 J.R.R. Tolkien fans who gathered at the Burbank AMC 14 Theater Friday morning to see the trailer of the first movie in the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy. The 106-second trailer was scheduled to be shown once before and once after the New Line Cinema release, "Thirteen Days."
May 21, 2005
"The Kindergarten Cop" isn't winning over many students in Burbank, or their teachers. In fact, the governor isn't too popular with teachers and administrators all the way through to the high school level. And frankly, their frustration is understandable. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's revised May budget, announced last week, was not exactly an olive branch. Despite a $4-billion windfall, the governor offered only $252 million more to education in his revise than the original budget -- still a far cry from the $2 billion educators have been demanding he return in Proposition 98 funds.
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