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Training Wheels

By Robert Phipps | November 12, 2008
In his Nov. 5 Community Commentary about the Chandler Bikeway (“Bike speed limit not required”), John Gaskill makes a number of assertions, most of which are wrong. Instead of a long fact-versus-fiction list, I’ll say this: The Chandler Bikeway is a dangerous place. Its very design and creation guaranteed that. There are two primary reasons: One, it invites and encourages a diverse and concentrated group of users, some of whom are traveling much faster than the others, and this creates an inevitable intermixing and colliding of the groups.
By David Laurell | April 7, 2010
Throughout the last week of March, 4-year-old Wyatt Anderson Wyatt Anderson was busy preparing for the Egg-Cellent Magnolia Bicycle Tour and Treasure Hunt that was held Saturday in Magnolia Park. While event planners, headed up by Burbank Business District Manager Gail Stewart , were deep in the final logistical preparations for the treasure hunt tour, Wyatt was equally engaged. ?He practiced riding all week to make sure he would be able to take the training wheels off his bike for the first time today,?
By Rachel Kane | May 23, 2007
Black clothes, combat boots and buzz cuts were in abundant supply at the Fangoria Horror convention at the Burbank Airport Marriot. Fans of films featuring guts and gore came together Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the event, which featured giants of the horror film industry, including directors Clive Barker, Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. Zombie spoke on a panel with the stars of his newest film, "Halloween," a remake of the 1978 classic, which featured a masked maniac who terrorized a teenage baby sitter on Halloween night.
By Chris Wiebe | December 2, 2006
CITY HALL — A second piece of public art is headed for the Chandler Bikeway after receiving the full support of the City Council. The art piece, called "Family Outing," was created by Utah-based artist Gary Lee Price and depicts three bronze figures riding bicycles. A young child, with training wheels on his bike, leads the trio, followed by father and his daughter. The piece is about 11 feet long, 7 feet wide and 5 feet in height, Parks Recreation and Community Services Department Director Eric Hansen said.
By Jennifer Agapiou | December 20, 2008
I actually wanted to write this for a while, but was worried that maybe it was just me. I grew up in Burbank, right down the street from the keystone part of the Chandler Bikeway. I was so excited that it was being constructed and thought about how wonderful it would be to be able to exercise, ride our bikes as a family, roller-blade, push my jogging stroller and walk with friends while walking off baby weight. At the beginning, I used it maybe four times. I didn’t like the speed of the bike riders, I didn’t like the lighting (a bit too dark for me to walk alone)
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