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By Joyce Rudolph | May 13, 2009
James Shelley refuses to let a little thing like the recession get him down and is using it instead as inspiration for exploring his creative side. The Glendale resident is a prep school teacher, college instructor and automotive writer, but he hasn’t been able to find steady employment in those fields since the first of the year. “I was desperate to do something,” he said, adding that he was determined not to let the recession hold him back. “My wife said, ‘You might as well finish the film you’ve been working on for years,’” he said.
By Christopher Cadelago | April 8, 2009
Keith Winkle has been in town barely a day, and already his reputation precedes him. “I’ve been involved with martial arts for a while and nobody has the same ability to inspire, to find meaning,” said Paul Garcia, manager of Winkle’s new studio. “It’s like looking at a white Mr. Miyagi.” To instructor Susan Gross, Winkle is even more. “He’s my hero,” she said. “He has a knack for showing you and helping you get to exactly where you want to be.” Winkle on Monday opened Martial Arts World of Burbank, which offers classes in Korean mixed martial arts, with strikes, blocks, takedowns, grappling, joint manipulation and self-improvement.
By Jason Wells | February 28, 2009
SOUTH GLENDALE — Amid the backdrop of a dubious 10.1% state jobless rate, California Supt. of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell unveiled a new online tool Friday for those seeking help finding jobs and education resources. O’Connell announced the new online resource at the Verdugo Jobs Center on South Central Avenue the same day the governor’s office announced that the state’s unemployment rate had climbed past 10% for the first time since June 1983.
By Nalea J. Ko | December 6, 2008
BURBANK — City and county officials expressed concern about an unstable job market after online rumors circulated Thursday that NBC Universal will eliminate 500 jobs nationwide. In October, NBC Universal President Jeff Zucker called for a 3% cut of the company’s annual $16.7-billion budget. He asked for specific reductions in travel and entertainment expenses, promotions, staffing fees and other areas. An NBC spokesperson declined to comment on the downsizing rumor Thursday, but some officials took the news to heart.
July 9, 2003
Jackson Bell The war in Iraq, an epidemic scare and the state budget crisis had little effect on the local economy during the first quarter of 2003, according to the city's economic profile. The report, a quarterly analysis of Burbank's economic health prepared by the Community Development Department, examined a variety of indicators, including unemployment rates, travel, real estate sales, and parking, occupancy and sales tax revenues. "Based on the figures, Burbank does seem to be faring pretty well compared to other cities," said Ross Young, an administrative assistant who prepared the report.
January 8, 2003
Jackson Bell The most recent unemployment numbers in Burbank show a slight decline from previous months, although the city anticipates that positive direction will head south again. "We're expecting a lot more [residents to be out of work] in January because people either had seasonal jobs that are ending or they took a break from their job searching during the holiday season and are ready to start looking again," Burbank Economic Development Manager Yvette Ulloa said.
September 25, 2002
Jackson Bell August brought lower unemployment rates than July throughout Los Angeles County, but area authorities said the decline in numbers aren't as straightforward as they seem. "It is dropping because the number of job seekers is decreasing," said Bill Freed, the labor market specialist for California's Employment Development Department. "It's very possible people have become discouraged and have stopped looking for work." Don Nakamoto, a labor market specialist for Glendale, said one of the main factors is the seasonal differences.
July 24, 2002
Karen S. Kim Local unemployment rates jumped across the board during the month of June, bucking a trend seen over the past three months during which the rate neither rose nor fell. The rate in Burbank jumped from 4.5% to 4.9% between May and June, following a similar spike seen in Glendale, whose rate of 6.1% in May increased to 6.7% in June. In Los Angeles County, unemployment went from 6.5% in May to 7.1% in June. "It was a little surprising that it took a pretty good jump," said Don Nakamoto, labor market specialist for Glendale.
July 10, 2002
Karen S. Kim Local unemployment rates neither rose nor fell during May, making it the third consecutive month the numbers remained unchanged. Los Angeles County's unemployment rate has held at 6.5% since March, as has Burbank's at 4.5%. Glendale's unemployment rate is 6.1%. The trend is one that is in line with unemployment numbers in the region and state, Glendale labor market specialist Don Nakamoto said. "The rates are staying about the same or dropping slightly," he said.
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