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Work Stoppage

By Jeremy Oberstein | November 5, 2007
BURBANK — Jim Cooper is like many of the thousands of writers who began their strike Monday at 14 Los Angeles area studios: The father of 5-year-old triplets did not want to strike but felt there was no other option. “Yeah, it will affect us, but we had to do this,” said Cooper, a Disney screenwriter. Cooper was joined by dozens of other Writers Guild of America members Monday at the Walt Disney Studios on Riverside Drive, wearing red shirts and waving signs.
December 6, 2003
Robert Chacon Handy Market has been a Magnolia Avenue staple for 33 years. Although independent markets like his continue to disappear, owner Alan Arzoian said his store is experiencing a shot in the arm because of the ongoing supermarket strike. The work stoppage has given his store a chance to win over large-chain shoppers, Arzoian said. "The first week of the strike was really wild," he said this week. "We saw an increase of 50% to 60% in daily volume.
August 21, 2002
Here we go again, as baseball readies for its ninth work stoppage in 30 years. Fans shouldn't be surprised at the fact that the sport's players have set a strike date of Aug. 30. In fact, they should be used to it. Just like Leap Year and the New York Yankees winning the World Series, a strike should be seen as something that comes along every few years. And although fans might be upset and angry if the Major League Baseball Players' Assn.
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