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Young People

July 31, 2004
Mark R. Madler For the group of teenagers helping with the city's event for National Night Out on Tuesday, it presents not only the chance to foster relations with the police but also to show the community the good young people can do. "The future is in our hands," said Dorian Celis, 14, a member of Teens In Action Police/Youth Relations Team. The group has a goal of 1,000 people turning out for free entertainment, food and games at the event, from 5 to 8 p.m. at Johnny Carson Park, on Bob Hope Drive between Alameda Avenue and Riverside Drive, which is intended to facilitate positive relations between the community and the police department.
December 6, 2000
Will Rogers' insights into James Rogan's defeat ring true. The following sentence in his Nov. 11 column sums up the attitude of too many Republicans: "Rogan is offered as a standard bearer of high ethics and morals, a pious man who can sit in judgment of the integrity of others." This characteristic is called self-righteousness. Many Republicans, including the Christian Coalition, reflect that attitude. However, they have not been proven to have more morality than Democrats.
June 19, 2002
Laura Sturza Surrounded by soccer fans, Mayor David Laurell had his eye on a goal not on the World Cup playing field, but one of starting a student exchange program with Burbank's sister city Inchon, South Korea. Returning last week from his visit to Inchon, Laurell said that it is "dramatically important" for young people to understand cultural differences by visiting other parts of the world. Invited by Inchon Mayor Choi Ki-Sun, Laurell and representatives from three other countries stayed at a governmental compound in a dense forest that was "like what we would think of Camp David to be," Laurell said.
February 20, 2008
Warner Bros. employee earns a promotion Warner Bros. officials Tuesday named Jeff Junge vice president of business management for its Home Entertainment Group. Junge will work closely with executives from Warner Home Video, WB Digital Distribution, WB Interactive Entertainment and other entertainment group businesses. He previously served as a vice president of corporate business development and strategy for Warner Bros. and joined the company in 2000. Recently, Junge contributed to the acquisition of the world?
October 9, 2004
Brighton bracelets battle breast cancer Bell Cottage, in support of breast-cancer awareness month, is selling exclusive Brighton bracelets to raise funds for the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Bell Cottage is located at 3816 W. Magnolia Blvd., in Burbank. For more information, call 841-8415. Meet children's book writer Shusterman Award-winning author Neal Shusterman will make a special appearance at the Buena Vista Branch of the Burbank Public Library.
February 21, 2004
For those people who bemoan low voter turnout or the lack of involvement of people in the political process, look no further than the Burbank City Council for why this is so. At a time of unprecedented budget crisis in the state and the city, do any of the three council members who voted for their own raises -- Stacey Murphy, Marsha Ramos, and Jef Vander Borght -- realize the symbolic thumbing of the nose this vote represents...
July 18, 2001
It's nice to know racism is alive and well in Burbank. I'm referring to the vote the school board took that rejected appointing a committee to address John Burroughs High School's use of an Indian as school mascot. Talk about dumb. Using the American Indian as a mascot is insulting to an entire race of people. It's a holdover from our past, when Native Americans were thought of as savages. The school board can't even appoint a committee to check it out?
August 2, 2003
SUNSET CANYON DRIVE TRAFFIC WHAT HAPPENED The council voted unanimously to make several changes aimed at better managing traffic on Sunset Canyon Drive. WHAT IT MEANS The speed limit on the street will be lowered from 30 mph to 25 mph, and the street will be removed from Federal Highway Maps. Directional signage in the area will also be reviewed, and in some cases, altered. The city will not install a sidewalk or resurface the street at this time.
April 2, 2003
The following incidents were taken from police reports: HILLSIDE DISTRICT 1200 block of Harvard Road: Two Mission Viejo brothers reported being beaten Saturday by a group of six men. They told police the group of men began making cat calls to their girlfriends, which prompted an argument and a fight. One of the men, a 22-year-old, told police he was struck in the back of the head by a blunt object. His brother, 23, was kicked and punched. The men were treated and released from Providence St. Joseph Medical Center.
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